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Mai-Otome Zwei – 02

February 28, 2007

Story development termination executed also, thank you

Pretty strange to put this sort of episode in an OVA with only 4 episodes planned, but I had much fun watching it and thus I’m happy with it. And if they’ll use the story only as a merely excuse to put more random stuff in the last two episodes also I won’t complain either. I just love this stuff.


Shuffle! Memories 07

February 26, 2007

A night in Despair Town

Again quite harsh to see how far Kaede gets driven by her despair. I always thought that Rin could have been a bit more sensitive toward her, especially after the breakdown, but maybe he chose the right path to help her to overcome this abnormal obsession after all. However, I still think that he should have talked with her about the breakdown and the obvious problems she has. Then, on the other hand, it all was very surprising for him as well and he might have needed some time to come to the right conclusions.

Well, so much for the hope of some new stuff. The Kaede episodes where just pure recaps (at least I didn’t noticed any new stuff). That’s a bit sad because it feels like Shuffle still has much potential to explore. Don’t know what they want to achieve with these recaps (I just can’t see much people buying DVDs full of pure recap episodes), but at least I now think a bit better of Shuffle than I did before. And they also reminded me that Primura looks much better with loose hair.


Kanon 21

February 24, 2007

A sleeping Nayuki is a happy Nayuki

A moment of bliss.

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My Wallpapers 15

February 22, 2007


I really like the thick-dark atmosphere Noir creates with it’s two (non-psycho) killers in the lead role. It takes some episode until this series gets really interesting, but from that point on it’s a great ride. At some times the girls seem to be a bit too invincible and the enemies are a bit too incompetent, but that is only a small flaw for an otherwise quite fabulous anime with a great soundtrack.


Shuffle! Memories 06

February 21, 2007


I think the arcs of Nerine, Sia and Primura in the original Shuffle where a bit rushed (at least in the interesting parts) and therefore not as captivating as Asa’s and Kaede’s. I found Primura’s story to be not very interesting and a bit too similar to the ones of Nerine and Asa’s mother. She is a nice addendum to Rin’s household and a good supporting character, but there was never enough substance to shine in her own arc. However, I really liked the ED this time. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite tales and each time I spot a reference to it I’m pretty happy. And I liked the fact that I could notice that the kanji on the paper Nerine holds up are upside down (btw, they are read muzai which means innocence).

So we finished the first round for each girl. Next time should be some more about that lovely psycho girl called Kaede.


Kanon 20

February 19, 2007

Waking up in the dark

School’s out forever.

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You’ve got a friend in Japan

February 19, 2007

Article from ANS:

2-18-07 (10:23AM EST)—- Manga Propaganda

CNN reports on an atempt to soften Japan’s military image using manga.