Kanon 21

February 24, 2007

A sleeping Nayuki is a happy Nayuki

A moment of bliss.

A very bittersweet episode about Nayuki and her past with Yuuichi and a very shocking ending I’ve to say. It was especially “enjoyable” for me because Nayuki’s past wasn’t told at all in the first Kanon and thus this was mostly new stuff for me. Also while I knew that something like this would happen to Akiko sooner or later I was sure that it would happen because of her illness. I totally forgot that she would be involved in a car crash and was quite surprised (and shocked) for sure.

Ara ara

Nayuki’s story is especially sad through the fact that while the other girls had their share of misery (more than Nayuki had till now) they also had much affection from Yuuichi in the past and present. Nayuki never could focus Yuuichi’s attention on her (at least it was never shown) and at the time she tried to get near to him she just caught the wrong moment and was repulsed very harshly. Yuuichi had good reasons to be such emotional unstable at that time and can’t really be blamed for it, so in the end nobody is at fault and through his amnesia this misunderstanding could never be solved and remained as mental wound within Nayuki. And now that Yuuichi remembers and could finally apologize to her he can’t because of the sudden events which make them twice as bad for Nayuki.

Blast from the past

On a (quite long) sidenote, it’s quite interesting that they have Schrödinger’s cat as topic in class, firstly because quantum mechanics is not often taught in high school and secondly because it somehow resembles Shiori’s (and at the end of the episode also Akiko’s) status. In this (theoretical) experiment E. Schrödinger put a cat in a box to be absolutely isolated from the outside. Together with the cat there is a “killing device” in the box, which is triggered through a special atomic decay that will activate the device with a chance of 50% within the duration of the experiment. Now the interesting part is, that while the box is closed the theory of quantum mechanics says (simplified by me and most probably wrong) that the cat is dead and alive at the same time (at least for the ones who are outside the box, the cat at least should know for sure). Because we don’t absolutely know about the status of the cat and only know about the chances of the different states it might be in all states are somehow reality for us and thus it’s actual status must be a mixture of all possible states. This theoretical thought was made to show two things. First, it shows the importance of the observer in quantum mechanics. Only through the observer the different possibilities are “forced” to choose among them who becomes reality for the observer (respectively all of them become reality, but that is another can of worms). This way, each observer creates his own version of reality (the cat already knows before the box is opened, a person outside of the lab still doesn’t know about it after the box is opened). The second thing that is shown through this is that the concept of quantum mechanics can’t really be scaled to larger objects (like cats), because a cat just can’t be dead and alive at the same time (but definitely very angry because of being put in a small box). And it shows that quantum mechanics is pretty weird stuff. To close the circle, this all reminds me of Shiroi (and Akiko) because we don’t know for sure if their are dead or alive at this moment because we are not shown their actual status, there is only a possibility for both until they “open the box” in one of the next episodes for us.

Something that often happens when talking about quantum mechanics

One could say that quantum mechanics is (beside a good way to bore people to their dead) quite useful to create nifty cliffhangers.


  1. Wow many thnx for making that quantam theory clear, I always wondered why did KA put that in, since they nvr put things in without a good reason.

  2. I’m glad I could be of help.

  3. Nayuki is my favorite character in Kanon 2006..

  4. nayuki is so cute i love her what with you?!

  5. cool stuff here…this definitely going to end up on my bookmark pages

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