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My Wallpapers 33

June 29, 2007

Sakura Wars

I simply adore the character design of Sakura Wars. And Sakura Shinguji is easily one of my all-time favored anime characters. The balance between shyness and frankness, calmness and excitement, clumsiness and dexterousness and violability and strength is just right within her. I actually like Sakura Wars so much that I brought all games (pretty cheap), without knowing Japanese nor owning the necessary consoles to run them on, just with the hope to have someday what it needs to play them.
Sadly the OVAs are nearly incomprehensible without having played the games, but at least for the first bunch there is a “real” TV-series available which also helps to understand what’s going on in the corresponding OVAs (and movie). And while the Paris Assault Force at least seems likeable if one knew more about them the New York Fighting Troupe was nearly unbearable because of their stereotypically. Consequently I couldn’t watch more than the first OVA of them and now fear that that they might realize the mentioned Berlin Assault Force next, with even more stereotypic German members of that time.

Picture Source: Seeking Happiness Wallpapers


sola – 12

June 27, 2007

Close combat

The end of the road.

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Dennou Coil

June 25, 2007

Yūko Amasawa

Dennou Coil is a very interesting anime with quite an unique story settled in a not so far future. The internet has developed into a virtual reality overlay of the real world. It’s used to make walls and floors look better and cleaner, virtual pets and toys are available. To see and interact with this virtual world special eyeglasses are necessary but also not very expensive, so almost everybody owns one. But like the internet today there are bugs, cheats, viruses and tools deployed and exploit by talented hackers to bend the system at their will, as long as they are better than the counter-measurements, implied to protect and maintain the virtual world, and, of course, other hackers who aim for the same goal.
This combination of real and virtual reality is pretty compelling and serves for many spectacular effects. At first the character design and artwork felt a bit strange, but combined with the excellent animation quality it soon deploys its own beauty. Rounded off with it’s likeable set of characters (mostly school kids btw) this anime just gets better and better with each episode.

Okay, I still don’t like the dog, but hey, nothing is perfect.


My Wallpapers 32

June 22, 2007

Full Metal Panic!

Today it is a Full Metal Panic! Wallpaper.

Hmmm…, what to say about this…

Well, it’s by all means a very entertaining piece of anime. I found the rather random episodes most enjoyable and everything with Tessa in it was a pure win (although she isn’t on this wallpaper, which is really a shame). Consequently I like the Fumoffu season best, while the Second Raid one was too dark for my taste (but still very good). And yeah, I would watch any new season right away. I like this wallpaper because of it’s colors. The different shades of red look nice and through her contrary color set Chidori becomes quite prominent in this picture.

Picture Source: Ningen’s Anime Wallpapers


sola – 11

June 19, 2007



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sola – 10

June 15, 2007

We don't buy at the door!

Light and shadow.

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(Not) My Wallpapers 31

June 13, 2007

UCC Coffee makes even Rei smile

Today’s wallpaper I actually don’t use, but I found these news on ANN interesting enough to use it for a little special.


New Movies Mark Return of Evangelion Coffee in Japan
posted on 2007-06-11 11:36 EDT

The UCC beverage company will revive its UCC Coffee: Milk & Coffee Evangelion Project cans on June 18 to mark the upcoming four films in the anime franchise. UCC last introduced the Evangelion coffee during the release of the first two movies a decade ago. As part of its “Human InstruCANtality Project” campaign, UCC will have a drawing for 1,000 Rei Ayanami figures encased in translucent replicas of the cans as well as 3,000 telephone cards. Source: Saishin Anime Jōhō


Of course this is just another way to make money out of the (revived) Evangelion-fandom, but that’s part of anime and as long as the buyers are happy everybody is happy I guess. Well, for me (who is far far away from Japan) this means that there will be soon some new artwork to see and download.

And that makes me pretty happy.

Picture Source: UCC Coffee: Milk & Coffee Evangelion Project cans