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Kyou no Go no Ni

July 19, 2008

I got the first urge to rewatch Kyou no Go no Ni OVA (Today, in class 5-2) at the time Minami-ke: Okawari started to get average to boring. I missed the first season and knew that both series were written by the same author, Koharu Sakuraba. Lack of time prevented me to do so and somehow I forgot about it again until a few days ago when I read about a planned full-fledged series of Kyou no Go no Ni on Random Curiosity. Well, this time I managed to watch the four episodes in short order and it wasn’t disappointing for sure.
The story develops around five girls and three boys of the class 5-2 where develop might be the wrong word, because each OVA consists of 5 independent mini-episodes and there is no real progression at all, just different slice of life situations. Practical all of these situations become ecchi at some point, which is my only real complain about the series, but at least each panty shot and such has some meaning to the story and doesn’t happen because of too short skirts or “favourable” camera angles. In spite of the ecchi content everything as a nice aura of normality and childlike innocence and the interaction between the cast and especially the two major characters, Ryouta and Chika, is really sweet (and of course funny) to watch. The humour is different to the one in Minami-ke, but I’m sure that if one likes one of both the other series is at least worth a try.
Now I only hope that the upcoming series can accommodate the OVA and doesn’t turn out to be to the OVA like Okawari was to the first Minami-ke season.


Slayers Revolution

July 8, 2008

I really like what I see here. I’m pretty sure that Slayers Revolution is rather confusing and at parts unsettling for those who haven’t at least watched the first two, maybe three seasons of Slayers (don’t let me start on the various OVAs and movies here). However, for the ones like me who have done so in the distant past everything fits and makes perfect sense. They caught the style and atmosphere of the older seasons quite well while presenting an animation that fells fresh and vivid. The whole setting and pacing of the story might be a bit antiquate today, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I rather welcome it somehow.
I guess that’s one of the advantages of anime vs. normal series. You couldn’t have Richard Dean Anderson having play MacGyver or David Rasche staring as Sledge Hammer today again resulting in the same beloved series that ended years ago. Those could be new and quite funny series (most likely not I’m afraid), but they could never be like the original ones again. Same goes for movies, old Indiana Jones fighting Soviets wasn’t that bad to watch, but Indi without Nazis is, well, just Indy without Nazis.
Megumi Hayashibara on the other hand sounds like she always did and so Slayers Revolution feels like there wasn’t a years long gap to its predecessor. And that is really great.