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Wallpaper Week Day 7

February 17, 2008

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Yeah, the ending of the first season of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni was quite cheesy, but I really liked it. Call me soft if you want, after all those “bad ends” I surely granted the people (or better pupil) of Hinamizawa this good one (which wasn’t good after all, but that’s a different season’s story). The fight between Rena and Keiichi as the grand finale with both of them strangely enjoying this showdown and its touching aftermath was just a great watch for me. Thus to this moment’s memento and because its such a nice homage to Fate/stay night I’ve added this wallpaper to my shuffle.


Wallpaper Week Day 6

February 16, 2008


In many other posts I’ve already stated how much I love sola, so I guess it isn’t really necessary to repeat it here once again. Punchline is that it’s just one of the best animes for me and luckily there is much of beautiful artwork available on the all mighty thing called internet. As usual the original is of much higher resolution and is definitely worth a look.


Wallpaper Week Day 5

February 15, 2008

Maid in the snow

I (obviously) found this one while searching a fitting winter themed picture for my image header. Because I don’t know anything about this art’s origin I can’t say more about it, I just like it pretty much. If of interest, the original is of higher resolution and also a bit wider.


Wallpaper Week Day 3

February 13, 2008

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

I used to adore the artwork of Arina Tanemura for quite a while in the past. Today this feeling has weaken a bit, maybe because I know more different animes/mangas now, maybe I just developed somehow away from it, but still many of her works are pretty beautiful to me. Sadly her way of storytelling isn’t as enjoyable. Like her pictures her stories are (over-)crowded with lots of major and minor details which make her art (where you can see all details at the same time) very interesting but her stories way to complicated in the long run. Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne was a nice read as well as a nice watch in it’s anime form and her various short stories are the same, but already the the manga version of Full Moon wo Sagashite was rather confusing und somehow incoherent (for me the storyline of the anime was much much better). Time Stranger Kyoko ended before it could go in one way or the other and Shinshi Doumei gets more and more confusing with each new episode.

Obviously I should have dropped her mangas a long time ago, but the artwork always keeps me getting back to it. And after all, while weak at different points her stories are still entertaining most of the time.


Wallpaper Week Day 2

February 12, 2008


Well, to tell the truth this wallpaper didn’t existed in my wallpaper-shuffle till yesterday, but after having watched the formidable seventeenth episode of Clannad today I had the sudden urge to have at least one wallpaper of this anime in my list. Don’t know how much people tried to stack two 10 Yen coins on their edges the last few days, I surely would have if I had them available. *g*
After a rather slow start this series grows more and more to me. For now I’d say that I still like Kanon better. I somehow cared more for the backstories of the girls then, maybe I’m just a bit feed up about the topic nice-girl with sad-past at the moment. But by having much more interaction between the girls and by not kicking them out of the mix after their story is told Clannad accomplishes to create a much more lively atmosphere which finally doesn’t remind of a survival of the fittest contest. Thus I think that Clannad surely might top Kanon in the end, won’t be too sad about it.
By the way, I created this wallpaper by basically just cropped it out of a larger scan that can be found here. It’s a bit like carving a spoon out of a bigger one, only a tiny little bit less useless I guess.


Wallpaper Week Day 1

February 11, 2008

As of lately I’m obviously rather sleazy about this blog of mine. Reasons are manifold, beside the usual real life influence and my general laziness there are various TV series and some computer games which absorb most the spare time I’ve left at the moment. Most prominent series would be Battlestar Galactica which I’ve stalled for a too long time as I’ve realized now and for the computer games Team Fortress 2 and my rediscovery of the joys of Master of Orion 2 and Princess Maker 2 should be blamed the most. To cut this short, I’m watching a lot less anime as I’m used to these days and I have even less to blog about them. All I can think of momentary is that Shigofumi and Spice & Wolf are still interesting, ARIA is still beautiful, Okawari still isn’t as funny as the first season, True Tears is still a good harem show, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is still hilarious, Il Teatrino still doesn’t reach it’s precursor while being entertaining for itself and H2O still kind of sucks. None of this could provide a even half-decent basis for a post and the news of the release of an Utawarerumono translation patch didn’t raise my hope for much available anime- and blogging-time in the near future. Thus and because I wanted to show some sign of life again after some time I’ve decided to post this week seven of the latest additions to my wallpaper-list. This should be quite easy for me and I’ll try to put up some text for each wallpaper, but don’t expect too much. At least you’ll have some eye candy and I’ll have an eased mind again.

And because writing that above already took me long enough I’ll start with a wallpaper to which everything necessary is already said so many times.


The world of ARIA IS just beautiful after all and so is this wallpaper.


My Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 12

December 24, 2007

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me

One Girl to take me back in time
Two Yaka to brighten up my night
Three Sisters to let me laugh anew
Four Ghibli Movies to complete my set
Five sad Girls in the snow to make me care
Six Ghost Hunters to find my missing spirit
Seven Servants to lead me to the grail
Eight Hackers to put me in amaze
Nine Aquarians to lighten up my day
Ten Pupil to leave me in despair
Eleven People to alter my fate
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