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Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

July 30, 2007

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (Hantsuki for short, aired in the first quarter of 2006) is the story of Yuuichi, who got into hospital because of a hepatitis A infection, and Rika, the girl he meets there. While his disease is rather easy curable Rika’s state is much more serious and chances are high that she might not survive the necessary operation. Due to her condition she isn’t used to make friends easily, but after having pierced her cool shell they soon develop friendship and affection toward each other in the short time that might be left.

With focusing mostly on its two main characters Hantsuki manages to deliver a very touching drama over its six episodes. Yuuichi and Rika are well drawn characters and its very easy to sympathize with their fate. The bittersweet feeling I got while watching this series reminded me strongly of the graphic novel narcissu and I recommend Hantsuki especially to those who liked the latter.


My Wallpapers 37

July 27, 2007

Futakoi Alternative

What I probably like best of Futakoi Alternative is that one could never know how the next episode will be. While one episode was action to the max the next one could be a the sliciest of life you’ve ever seen. At one time you have twins with assault rifles fighting mutant squid monsters and in the next you have a P.I. trying to make a living with the least possible amount of work. Sometimes crazy sci-fi and then again very much down-to-earth. Of course the nice cast and the animation style helped, too, but mainly its unpredictability made this series most enjoyable.

Unfortunately its way of storytelling also made the plot rather confuse and hard to follow and most of the side characters where left pretty shallow, but I guess there is always some price to pay.

Wallpaper Source: Ningen’s Anime Wallpapers


Tokimeki Memorial Catch Up

July 25, 2007

Missed the bus

With only a few series that I watch this season and no particular interest (and inspiration) to blog about any of them regularly so far I have finally some time left to spend on those series that I always wanted to start or lost track of somewhere in-between. Well, first series I was able to catch up is Tokimeki Memorial (up to episode 21 now). The last few episodes finally succeeded in delivering some (harem-comedy level) drama and were quite compiling. Watching them in a row also helped to hold the tension up I guess. But of course one of the major flaws of harem shows strikes again: the indecisive male lead, here personalized through Riku Aoba. By not making some clear statements and without the ability to decline any girl proposal even once Riku puts his three love interests through quite some harsh times. Fortunately their suffering is rather well portrayed this time which gives all of them much more depth in character and shows the consequences of such a weak minded male lead. And his “solution” of the problem was laughable at best from my point of view. But leaving this aside (nothing else was to be expected after all) I can say that Tokimeki luckily became a rather interesting and enjoyable anime again.


My Wallpapers 36

July 19, 2007


I really like the intensive colors of this AIR-Wallpaper. It features the characters of the Summer-arc (the one settled in the past). At the first time I saw this series I couldn’t care less for this arc, because I wanted to know how things reveal in the present. But now, seen in retrospective, I’d say that this arc was quite fine, too, amongst others because it didn’t had those other girls who’s only purpose seemed to be to distract from the main story and to disappeared almost completely after their individual problem was solved. Altogether I’ve to say that AIR is a pretty interesting and touching series, but it took me some time to get on with it, as can be seen in what I wrote about it in my first post.

Wallpaper source: Freddie’s Wallpaper


Hayate no Gotoku! – 16

July 17, 2007

Hayate no Gotoku!

Guess I’m the only one who thought this could be a Tom & Jerry reference.

I’m getting too old for this shit.


Doujin Work & Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi

July 15, 2007

Doujin Work

Doujin Work

Naturally Doujin Work‘s story of a girl who wants to become a big star in the doujin business reminds a lot of Comic Party, but that’s not major problem because I found the later quite entertaining. This time the motivation to create doujinshis doesn’t come from some mildly psychotic otaku friend, but from the main lead, Najimi Osana, herself after having observed how much money one could gain this way. The artwork ,while being rather simplistic, looks nice and the animation quality is quite good so far. With the interesting character set and an episode length of only 14 minutes each I don’t think I’ll go wrong watching this.

Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi

Zero no Tsukaima - Futatsuki no Kishi

Having enjoyed the first season of Zero no Tsukaima there was no way for me to skip this. The first episode of the second season connects quite smoothly with the end of the first episode although the relationship between Louise and Saito returns to being rather flustered toward each other (as expected). Louise is now (even) more jealously and Saito more “perverted” than I remembered from the first season, but that just might be because of the plot of this episode. In any case it’s nice to watch the Zero no Tsukaima characters again and hopefully this time they’ll face some better opponents than last time.


Neon Genesis Evangelion Trailer

July 14, 2007

Memento has dig up a YouTube Link to the first new NGE Movie Trailer. The quality sucks, but that’s to be expected for a first glimpse.

Well, I’m of to work.

Edit: Kita ze Inbou! now has a high quality trailer available.