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Mai-Otome Zwei – 04

September 15, 2007

Pretty fireworks at last

In the end they didn’t even bother to explain anything about the threat the Otomes had to face this time, which is of course a bit disappointing. But then again, the plot was in the end only a mere vehicle to let the beloved characters of the series shine once again as much as they can and this task they surely accomplished. Each previous episode had at least one Otome nuking it out with the enemy to their utmost in splendid animated fighting scenes and the last episode did not stand back either with Mai, Arika and (finally) Nina taking the last stand together. Humor-wise the OVA was also satisfying, only the fanservice in the third episode was a bit over the top for my taste. A nice bonus was the fight between Mai and her former familiar, but I’m rather puzzled why it transformed into a white kitten afterwards. Well, with Ribbon-chans decision to become an Otome and Nina’s foreshadowing dream it’s most likely that the story isn’t finished yet and maybe the future will hold some explanation for the things that happened here. So, until the previewed prequel Mai-Otome S.ifl (possible another OVA, three episodes this time) airs it’s

The End

for the story told about the Otomeverse.


Mai-Otome Zwei – 03

June 3, 2007


At the beginning I couldn’t follow the “plot” very well this time, main reason might be that it’s now about half an year ago that I watched the first episode. The whole island thing e.g. took me by surprise, thought in the end it wasn’t that much of a deal. The bath scene gone further than necessary for my taste, but the excursion of Nao & Nina was a more than adequate compensation. It was really nice to see Nina again, not back at her former self yet, but on a good way, and Nao had some nice talk and action parts (and a pretty neat transforming sequence). Mashiro’s scenes where enjoyable, too. I even liked the little Jawa-cosplaying girl, she can express her feelings quite well. *g*

Now I wonder how they are going to wind up the whole story in the last episode.


Mai-Otome Zwei – 02

February 28, 2007

Story development termination executed also, thank you

Pretty strange to put this sort of episode in an OVA with only 4 episodes planned, but I had much fun watching it and thus I’m happy with it. And if they’ll use the story only as a merely excuse to put more random stuff in the last two episodes also I won’t complain either. I just love this stuff.


Mai-Otome Zwei – 01 Extra

December 7, 2006

I was a bit short on time yesterday, but there was something left of the first episode of Mai-Otome Zwei which I just had to post, but took me some time to finish. May history be my judge, here it is:



P.S.: Just to show what a freak I am I made also a wallpaper-sized version of this picture, will need some work to look really shiny though.


Mai-Otome Zwei – 01

December 6, 2006

Aren’t we lucky to be on air again?

Great fun to see the cast of Mai-Otomo again. At first it reminded me a bit of Stratos 4, but that isn’t a bad thing for me. Almost immediately the Mai-Otomo-feeling was back and got more intensive with every familiar face shown. It’s a bit of a shame that the next episode will take some time to be screened, but this way the anticipation will be even higher.