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4 weeks later

December 21, 2008


Here are the final 8 cards , of course GAINAX also got a group on its own in the end, the last 4 cards are again a mixture of different studios, but this time they match a bit better theme-wise I think. This  completes the set of 32 cards and my work on them, which was a lot more than I first thought it would be, but it was at least as much fun, too.
For example while putting these cards together I sometimes had to search through my long ago saved video files which was quite entertaining on its own. Here seeing that my 6 year old CD with the Gunbuster files was still working fine today gave me a especial pleasing surprise, and watching the 320 x 240 pixel video with 15 pictures per second made me really happy for living those 6 years later now.

So, here are the links to the cards. I also added a set of card backsides if somebody really wants to print out these cards. As always I hope you have fun with them!

gif-version (about 0.6 mb)

jpg-version (about 4.7 mb)

and for the card’s backsides:

jpg-version (quite strangely about 9 mb)


Out of town

September 1, 2007

Completely unrelated bunch of school girls

Due to my work I’ll be on a vacation congress meeting for the next week, so definitely no posts for that span of time. Especially nothing about the Evangelion 1.0 movie opening and its preview for the second movie or about this pretty neat prototype model of a Nausicaä “Möwe” glider.


My Wallpapers 39

August 9, 2007

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Oh no, not another Neon Genesis Evangelion wallpaper!

Why, yes, and to make things even better here is also a link to some new stuff to watch from the upcoming new movie. Enjoy!

Wallpaper source: Modified version of this wallpaper.


Neon Genesis Evangelion Trailer

July 14, 2007

Memento has dig up a YouTube Link to the first new NGE Movie Trailer. The quality sucks, but that’s to be expected for a first glimpse.

Well, I’m of to work.

Edit: Kita ze Inbou! now has a high quality trailer available.


(Not) My Wallpapers 31

June 13, 2007

UCC Coffee makes even Rei smile

Today’s wallpaper I actually don’t use, but I found these news on ANN interesting enough to use it for a little special.


New Movies Mark Return of Evangelion Coffee in Japan
posted on 2007-06-11 11:36 EDT

The UCC beverage company will revive its UCC Coffee: Milk & Coffee Evangelion Project cans on June 18 to mark the upcoming four films in the anime franchise. UCC last introduced the Evangelion coffee during the release of the first two movies a decade ago. As part of its “Human InstruCANtality Project” campaign, UCC will have a drawing for 1,000 Rei Ayanami figures encased in translucent replicas of the cans as well as 3,000 telephone cards. Source: Saishin Anime Jōhō


Of course this is just another way to make money out of the (revived) Evangelion-fandom, but that’s part of anime and as long as the buyers are happy everybody is happy I guess. Well, for me (who is far far away from Japan) this means that there will be soon some new artwork to see and download.

And that makes me pretty happy.

Picture Source: UCC Coffee: Milk & Coffee Evangelion Project cans


My Wallpapers 25

May 3, 2007

Take a break!

And today, for a change, here is a Neon Genesis Evangelion wallpaper…

Okay, I know, that is the fourth one, but while I have only one wallpaper for (nearly) each other series, I have exactly eight for NGE. And that is after I have thinned them out some time ago. Well, just can’t help it I guess and yes, I’m still very enthusiastic about the upcoming movies.

And just for the sake of information entropy: I use a horizontal flipped version of the shown wallpaper above, but to honor the (sadly to me unknown) creator I’ve put the original version on. Great work man!


My Wallpapers 18

March 15, 2007

Rei Ayanami, Kimono mode

Well, it’s NGE, it’s Rei, she wears a kimono and I even like the color.

‘nuf said.