Haruhi supports peace!

December 18, 2006

Interesting because it is (most likely) no fake:

Haruhi stands for peace!

Found on Kurogane’s Anime Blog, who links to the original news article, to the original Animesuki forum post and to the original picture.

P.S.: The picture is taken from a protest which took place after three palestinian kids were killed by gunmen in Gaza. Read more about it here. The red writing says: Stop murdering the children.


  1. That’s totaly fake!!!

  2. I agree that it looks and feels like a fake, but the news article looks pretty official, so I don’t know. If it is a fake and somebody has the real picture please tell me so, I’m very interested in this.

  3. GO haruhi!

    *is a follower of her*

    Looks photoshoped to me. I mean why would people in palestine do that?

  4. Well, maybe they just like the anime, too, and thought this would be a good use of image, why not? Or maybe they just needed some pictures. Personally I would prefer the first possibility.
    Similiar things already happened. Here is an example:


    Please note that I by no means want to compare these two protests but just the case of the used pictures.

  5. OK, seriously? “Why would Palestinian people do that?” Is it SO impossible for the Palestinians to be normal people, who like anime? It’s not a third world country. Most of them watch TV and go on the computer just like anyone else.

    I’M Palestinian. I LOVE anime.

  6. why would they do that?!!! why would’t they?!they are KIDS duh?
    and why do you think that its fake?
    i mean seriously not your or your country is the only country which watch’s anime..i’m a saudi 14 year old, and i love anime!!
    and i love palesine and the people in it! i’ll always pray for them! god helps them ):

  7. The Hamas using “Haruhi Suzumiya” as a poster girl? Oh man, that sounds just too messed up to be true, but they’ve been using Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny for Jihad marketing, so there is a remote possibility of this pic being legit.

  8. such a okay scan of Haruhi supports peace! Anime Afterglow Superb love it

  9. The image is gone. Find a new host please.

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