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Shuffle! Memories 12

March 31, 2007

We are straight!


(just kidding)

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My Wallpapers 20

March 29, 2007

Princess Mononoke I

I think it’s rather pointless to list all the good things about Princess Mononoke or about all the other Ghibli movies. They are all just great and none of them ever disappointed me in art or story, although I bought them without knowing anything about their content at all. But of all the movies Princess Mononoke is a very special one to me because it’s the first of all Ghibli productions I’ve seen. So, like To Heart brought me to anime, this one brought me to this fantastic series of movies and I’m very grateful for it. And because I couldn’t decide which of two wallpapers I like best I just use both of them.

Princess Mononoke II


Tokimeki Memorial 14

March 27, 2007

Yukari takes it away

What to do if there is no progress with the male lead and his love interest at all? Right, just toss in yet another girl. But surprisingly enough this really works with Tokimeki, because while the three main girls don’t seem to have any interest to fight among themselves about Riku at least two of them almost immediately begin to attack the new one in town (the last one seems to be most unsure of her feelings at the moment). So after some time there is finally something happening again and I really like how Sayuri slowly gains some profile.
And having seen some of the girls in swimsuits surely didn’t hurt either.

Oh, and the next episode (about Haruka) was pretty interesting, too.


Shuffle! Memories 11

March 24, 2007

It’s interesting that the second part of Primura’s chapter consists mostly of recaps already shown (in the Kaede and Nerine chapters). The reason for this is that Primura is closely connected to both of them, which is rather unusual in harem shows I think. Actually, Primura herself is a rather unusual character because in the end her main purpose isn’t to chase after the male lead, but to comfort Kaede and give her a reason to live on. I don’t think that Kaede could have carried on without her by her side after Rin had chosen to move out. At the same time Primura makes Rin’s ending with Asa possible in the first place, because now he could “free” himself from Kaede without leaving her behind all alone.

While this recap series helped me to find a bit more liking in the other girls, it also gave me more insight in the special role of Primura. It raised my opinion of Shuffle at least a bit, so I’m glad to have watched it after all.
Now I’m curious if they’ll show one or two more episodes with some new material in the end, that would make me quite happy.


My Wallpapers 19

March 22, 2007

Amelia from Slayers

Hm…, Slayers. A series I watched in my early anime days and found quite entertaining, especially because I also like to play RPGs (had much more time and opportunity to do so in the past than I sadly have today). I always liked to play righteously characters and never really felt the urge to do more, uh, unrighteously things like most of my teammates did from time to time. Hence there was always much fun. I guess it’s barely a miracle that sympathized with Amelia (Wil Tesla Sayruun) nearly from the start.


Look who’s back again

March 21, 2007


Yeah, I know. It’s predictable, the story will never progress anymore and there won’t be any real character development either, but hey, I like it. Ah! My Goddess will never be one of the my top series I’m sure, but it keeps me entertained quite well. Some shows need these things and some don’t I guess.

And the maid in this episode was a nice bonus btw.


Shuffle! Memories 10

March 20, 2007

Sia (still short for Lisianthus)

Again too less screentime for too much story. The one girl – two personalities pattern can work out pretty well if there is enough time for both to be visualized and developed. The way it was done in Shuffle (original and recap version) is way too rushed and again I could never really empathize with the other Sia, who never overcomes her stereotypical design.
I also wonder why Sia and Nerine (respectively Lycoris) fall so badly for Rin. The only times he really shines is at the beginning with Kaede and in the end with Asa, the rest of the time he is rather mediocre I think. Yeah, okay, it’s a harem romance, so this question is meaningless from the start, but still I can’t help but wonder sometimes.