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Look who’s back again

March 21, 2007


Yeah, I know. It’s predictable, the story will never progress anymore and there won’t be any real character development either, but hey, I like it. Ah! My Goddess will never be one of the my top series I’m sure, but it keeps me entertained quite well. Some shows need these things and some don’t I guess.

And the maid in this episode was a nice bonus btw.


Because I don’t think I’ll find any reason…

November 6, 2006

…to post this picture of Belldandy I’ll just post it. Enjoy!

Belldandy in school mode


Random Observations

October 24, 2006

Take notice of the lifeless eyes

Heaven can be Hell for some people.


Ah! My Goddess! Seems like the rats have switched sides

September 21, 2006

The rat pack

Wonder if one of them is good old Gan.
On other news: Marller’s misadventures are quite funny.


Ah! My Goddess 2nd Season

September 3, 2006

Couldn’t get around this one. I liked the first season and I like this one, too. You can’t really expect any real surprise or drama out of it, but it offers cuteness and reliable entertainment with some random silliness (Skuld calling her chainsaw “Murder-kun” and using it that way & episode 12, 17:57 just to name two). It’s one of the longest running love stories there are and now it is even featuring Belldandy playing the most evil music instrument in the world.

O Flower of Scotland

But the second time the bagpipe is played sounds very neat. But still this is much too… uhm… scottish for a goddess.