Mai-Otome Zwei – 03

June 3, 2007


At the beginning I couldn’t follow the “plot” very well this time, main reason might be that it’s now about half an year ago that I watched the first episode. The whole island thing e.g. took me by surprise, thought in the end it wasn’t that much of a deal. The bath scene gone further than necessary for my taste, but the excursion of Nao & Nina was a more than adequate compensation. It was really nice to see Nina again, not back at her former self yet, but on a good way, and Nao had some nice talk and action parts (and a pretty neat transforming sequence). Mashiro’s scenes where enjoyable, too. I even liked the little Jawa-cosplaying girl, she can express her feelings quite well. *g*

Now I wonder how they are going to wind up the whole story in the last episode.


  1. lol, the bath scene makes me like wtf, i was thinking is there something wrong with Sunrise.
    Now it is time to guess about what will happened in the last ep from what we have seen so far. And it is just like u said how they r going to wind up the whole story in the last ep if the left a lot of questions here.
    I will left my easy thought first, I will say sunrise is going to make all of the “Five Columns” became to stone. lol that is not the big one from me, but i want to see what r u guys thinking for the last ep?

  2. Hehe, I wish I could give some speculations, but I just have no idea what might happen. I think you are certainly right with the “stoning” of the remaining Five Columns, but who else will be “lost”, why all this is happening, how the book Nina rescued comes in use, how they all get back together, will they have to fight all the flowers separately or just the “main enemy” and so on I can’t conclude from what I’ve seen.
    I even wouldn’t be much surprised if it’s all only a little prank by Himeno Fumi and in the end they just party like it’s 1999. *g*

  3. Lol, sry for me to disappoint u because i dont have the ability to guess how they r going to destroyed the enemy, but i can guess how Sunrise is planning to end the story.
    but for now i will leave my questions for u.
    -What have u notice about Nagi so far, from Mai-Otome until Mai-Otome Zwei?

  4. Oh, I’m not disappointed at all, I meant that I can’t conclude these things from what I’ve seen in the anime. *g*
    Do you think Nagi might have something to do with the “alien invaders”? Might be, but so far I just thought he just don’t really care what is happening after being jailed.

  5. lol saibotlieh, u forgot one thing is important about Nagi.
    Did u noticed that Nagi is the one who told Natsuki about the Ancient Ruin and Natsuki is the one who asked Juliet Nao to go there by having Nina leads her way. And there r only 2 ppl who know about the Ancient Ruin, Nagi and Sergay. And u have to remember that Nagi is not a normal kid, he is the one who know almost every secret things in the Story. And i feel like Nagi is still hide something really secret from anyone. This is just what i have though about Nagi and not my conclusion yet. What do u think, am i right about Nagi?

  6. Hmm…, that’s pretty plausible, Nagi is always in for a surprise or two. Nice work. Certainly he will play a part in the last episode I think.

  7. Ok now u have noticed about Nagi. Do u remember form Mai-Otome, it was a happy ending but do u feel like there is something missing? I dont know how to explain u but i will say what i can. We know that Arika and Nina r the main character but in the end y they show nothing relate between Arika and Nina beside Arika stayed with Mashiro and Nina lived somewhere with Sergay. This is just my thought. And if i was to guessed what is Sunrise planning, i will say they r going to make a reunite between Nina and Arika and combine together kill the final boss.
    … to be continued

  8. Well, not that Nina is at the same place as Mashiro some kind of reunion is most likely. Hopefully they beat up the evil boss together, would be a blast.

  9. Well, now u got what i mean, and now the question is how did Nina recover her Otome-power? Does the Black-Diamond still have any of use? Will Arika gained any new Powers/Skills?
    Now we know that Nina had the book, but what will the book does? It is mostly like the book is the only way to defeat the Pure-White-Diamond, lol but i dont think everything is end here, am i right? Because i think it is too easy to end it that way.
    … to be continued

  10. You must remember that they only have one episode left IF they want to end this story in the OVA. So there won’t be much room left for complicated plot twists.

  11. I think 1ep left is enough, 5-7 minutes for the reunion, 10-12 for the final battle, and the rest for the happy ending. If they dont waste their time on stupid chatting too much then that is not a problem, because we already know most of the things about the details in 1,2,and 3.

  12. Yeah, guess we’ll see in about three months.

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