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End of the season

September 27, 2007

And to start this end, here is a nice wallpaper I found a short while ago and immediately made the newest member of my background list:


More stuff after the break.

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Shuffle! Memories 12

March 31, 2007

We are straight!


(just kidding)

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Shuffle! Memories 11

March 24, 2007

It’s interesting that the second part of Primura’s chapter consists mostly of recaps already shown (in the Kaede and Nerine chapters). The reason for this is that Primura is closely connected to both of them, which is rather unusual in harem shows I think. Actually, Primura herself is a rather unusual character because in the end her main purpose isn’t to chase after the male lead, but to comfort Kaede and give her a reason to live on. I don’t think that Kaede could have carried on without her by her side after Rin had chosen to move out. At the same time Primura makes Rin’s ending with Asa possible in the first place, because now he could “free” himself from Kaede without leaving her behind all alone.

While this recap series helped me to find a bit more liking in the other girls, it also gave me more insight in the special role of Primura. It raised my opinion of Shuffle at least a bit, so I’m glad to have watched it after all.
Now I’m curious if they’ll show one or two more episodes with some new material in the end, that would make me quite happy.


Shuffle! Memories 10

March 20, 2007

Sia (still short for Lisianthus)

Again too less screentime for too much story. The one girl – two personalities pattern can work out pretty well if there is enough time for both to be visualized and developed. The way it was done in Shuffle (original and recap version) is way too rushed and again I could never really empathize with the other Sia, who never overcomes her stereotypical design.
I also wonder why Sia and Nerine (respectively Lycoris) fall so badly for Rin. The only times he really shines is at the beginning with Kaede and in the end with Asa, the rest of the time he is rather mediocre I think. Yeah, okay, it’s a harem romance, so this question is meaningless from the start, but still I can’t help but wonder sometimes.


Shuffle! Memories 09

March 14, 2007


I think the thing that bugs me the most about Nerine’s arc is that it just isn’t Nerine’s arc in the end, but Lycoris’. And because not much is told about Lycoris it all feels a bit… , well, empty. It’s nice that she could help her important ones in the end, but because I never really got to know her it’s much harder to empathize with her. It’s all also not fair toward Nerine because she could never be sure of her feelings and at the time she finally can her arc ends. Maybe her story could have been better if they got “rid” of Lycoris earlier and gave her some screentime to explore her own feelings.


Shuffle! Memories 08

March 5, 2007

Bye bye!

So much for Asa and the really interesting part of Shuffle (for me at least). It’s somehow strange to put the conclusion of the “chosen” girl at this place in the series, but after all it’s just a recap and thus it doesn’t matter that much (might only suck for the few people who haven’t watched the original series I guess). Wonder if I’ll ever see a boxcutter just used to cut boxes in an anime someday…

And as I said, I like Asa now a bit more than before, but Kaede is still my favorite.


Shuffle! Memories 07

February 26, 2007

A night in Despair Town

Again quite harsh to see how far Kaede gets driven by her despair. I always thought that Rin could have been a bit more sensitive toward her, especially after the breakdown, but maybe he chose the right path to help her to overcome this abnormal obsession after all. However, I still think that he should have talked with her about the breakdown and the obvious problems she has. Then, on the other hand, it all was very surprising for him as well and he might have needed some time to come to the right conclusions.

Well, so much for the hope of some new stuff. The Kaede episodes where just pure recaps (at least I didn’t noticed any new stuff). That’s a bit sad because it feels like Shuffle still has much potential to explore. Don’t know what they want to achieve with these recaps (I just can’t see much people buying DVDs full of pure recap episodes), but at least I now think a bit better of Shuffle than I did before. And they also reminded me that Primura looks much better with loose hair.