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Allison to Lillia – 08

June 1, 2008

Man, I already heard that this episode would be pretty bad, but this… . That the story of the whole arc is quite simple to guess and predictable is one thing, but the “climax” of the arc in this episode was so badly written and arranged that it figuratively hurt to watch, especially for somebody like me who decided to like this show no matter what. Well, they still have one arc left for the Allison part of this show to somehow find back on track, but I’m rather pessimistic about that.

Also I feel a bit cheated that the yellow biplane has more screentime in the opening than in the actual show itself.



Six episodes deep in Allison and Lillia

May 15, 2008

I really like this series. The characters are likeable and their interaction nice to watch, the comedic elements are fun and getting some neat animated aerial action is a big bonus. But because of this, this series obvious and just oh too common flaws are especially irritating. For example, the conclusion of the first arc was just way too rushed. They took they fair time to introduce the characters, the world they live in and their motivation to go on the treasure hunt. Then, at the moment the main characters are gathered and one expect the real hunt to finally start, they just find the treasure in the most anticlimactic way possible. And what they find might be quite nice, granted, but that this finding let peace break out between two country which had a war ongoing for more than a hundred years, a time span more than long enough to grow lots of hard feelings, is just implausible for me.
The second arc starts as weak as the first ended with a rather generic and easy to guess storyline at the time one realise the next big common flaw made here, which is that those who look like nice and friendly people are in fact nice and friendly and just can’t be villainous ones (except for the major evil guy of course maybe). This was extra disappointing for me because I was quite happy at first as it seemed like this flaw would be avoided here. But at least they wrapped up the introduction in the first two episodes this so they can take some more time for the conclusion now.
These flaws don’t ruin the series, but the experience could be much greater with a better pace and some twisty surprises in the story. But in the end I’ve only seen the first six episodes so far and there is plenty of time left to make a change for the (even) better, especially if they finally include some biplanes again.