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EVE no Jikan

October 27, 2008

With being from the same creator as Aquatic Language (Mizu no Kotoba) and Pale Cocoon this short OVA series already caught me with just it looks. The graphics might not be as experimental as the ones from Aquatic Language and the story isn’t as surreal as the ones from both predecessors, but the series still just beautiful to watch. Also because I haven’t seen something that deals about the possible self-awareness of sophisticated androids for some time now the story is interesting for me, too. I guess with EVE no Jikan Studio Rikka makes a first test run with fully fledged anime series and I would be quite interested to see more of them in the future.


Tetsuwan Birdy Decode

August 20, 2008

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode is one of the few series of the current season I’m actually watching. I’d like to say that it’s because of the story, characters, art or such (which aren’t bad at all most of the time), but I’m afraid my real main reason is just the jumping around of Birdy’s silhouette in the opening.

Maybe not the best reason, but sure good enough for me.


Blue Drop & Sketchbook ~full color’S~

October 25, 2007

Blue Drop

Blue Drop

Blue Drop is the story of two girls and, uh, one large alien space-battleship. Mari is an orphan, the only survivor of some mysterious disaster that wiped out a whole island. After being raised by her grandmother she is transferred to a girl’s dormitory. Here she meets Hagino, a calm and popular girl. Their first meeting ends in a pretty strange way and from this point forward Mari isn’t on good terms with Hagino, while Hagino tries to get as close as possible with Mari. It should be noted that Hagino is also the captain of said alien spaceship, which at the moment lies at the bottom of the ocean being under repair. And somehow Mari seems to be related to both of them.

The animation looks a bit blurry at times, but is not bad altogether. So far I don’t know in which direction the story will develop, it’s obvious that the aliens and the island disaster are somehow connected, but if it was some kind of accident or a first attempt of an invasion has yet to be told. A quite interesting series.

Sketchbook ~full color’S~

Sketchbook ~full color's~

Another slice-of-life series, this time a comedy called Sketchbook ~full color’S~ with alot of ARIA-feeling to it, not only because of the loose appearances of some special cat, but for the way the characters discover interesting and beautiful aspects of daily things. Additionally all the characters of Sketchbook seems to be a little bit nuts (around the normal amount for comedies). Together with the given setting this reminds slightly of Azumanga Daioh, especially Sora resembles Osaka at many points. Altogether not a bad combination which results in a calm, laid-back and very enjoyable (and well drawn) anime.


Mai-Otome Zwei – 04

September 15, 2007

Pretty fireworks at last

In the end they didn’t even bother to explain anything about the threat the Otomes had to face this time, which is of course a bit disappointing. But then again, the plot was in the end only a mere vehicle to let the beloved characters of the series shine once again as much as they can and this task they surely accomplished. Each previous episode had at least one Otome nuking it out with the enemy to their utmost in splendid animated fighting scenes and the last episode did not stand back either with Mai, Arika and (finally) Nina taking the last stand together. Humor-wise the OVA was also satisfying, only the fanservice in the third episode was a bit over the top for my taste. A nice bonus was the fight between Mai and her former familiar, but I’m rather puzzled why it transformed into a white kitten afterwards. Well, with Ribbon-chans decision to become an Otome and Nina’s foreshadowing dream it’s most likely that the story isn’t finished yet and maybe the future will hold some explanation for the things that happened here. So, until the previewed prequel Mai-Otome S.ifl (possible another OVA, three episodes this time) airs it’s

The End

for the story told about the Otomeverse.



August 19, 2007


Welcome to ARIA, where the summer is sunny and everybody will help you building a snowman in the winter, where Venice was rebuild on an aquatic mars and the earth is called “old-home”, where all the gondoliers are pretty girls and the animals look kind of strange, where the phone book ends after the A and the companies (some say even the whole city) are lead by cats, where the course of time sometimes changes its direction and you get two years for the prize of one and where grown girls playing the “don’t touch the gap”-game and many things aren’t allowed, especially embarrassing remarks.

A beautiful slice-of-life anime with a very comforting laid-back and peaceful atmosphere which left me always with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I could never watch more than three episodes in a row, but it was always nice for in between.


Dennou Coil

June 25, 2007

Yūko Amasawa

Dennou Coil is a very interesting anime with quite an unique story settled in a not so far future. The internet has developed into a virtual reality overlay of the real world. It’s used to make walls and floors look better and cleaner, virtual pets and toys are available. To see and interact with this virtual world special eyeglasses are necessary but also not very expensive, so almost everybody owns one. But like the internet today there are bugs, cheats, viruses and tools deployed and exploit by talented hackers to bend the system at their will, as long as they are better than the counter-measurements, implied to protect and maintain the virtual world, and, of course, other hackers who aim for the same goal.
This combination of real and virtual reality is pretty compelling and serves for many spectacular effects. At first the character design and artwork felt a bit strange, but combined with the excellent animation quality it soon deploys its own beauty. Rounded off with it’s likeable set of characters (mostly school kids btw) this anime just gets better and better with each episode.

Okay, I still don’t like the dog, but hey, nothing is perfect.


Mai-Otome Zwei – 03

June 3, 2007


At the beginning I couldn’t follow the “plot” very well this time, main reason might be that it’s now about half an year ago that I watched the first episode. The whole island thing e.g. took me by surprise, thought in the end it wasn’t that much of a deal. The bath scene gone further than necessary for my taste, but the excursion of Nao & Nina was a more than adequate compensation. It was really nice to see Nina again, not back at her former self yet, but on a good way, and Nao had some nice talk and action parts (and a pretty neat transforming sequence). Mashiro’s scenes where enjoyable, too. I even liked the little Jawa-cosplaying girl, she can express her feelings quite well. *g*

Now I wonder how they are going to wind up the whole story in the last episode.