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4 weeks later

December 21, 2008


Here are the final 8 cards , of course GAINAX also got a group on its own in the end, the last 4 cards are again a mixture of different studios, but this time they match a bit better theme-wise I think. This  completes the set of 32 cards and my work on them, which was a lot more than I first thought it would be, but it was at least as much fun, too.
For example while putting these cards together I sometimes had to search through my long ago saved video files which was quite entertaining on its own. Here seeing that my 6 year old CD with the Gunbuster files was still working fine today gave me a especial pleasing surprise, and watching the 320 x 240 pixel video with 15 pictures per second made me really happy for living those 6 years later now.

So, here are the links to the cards. I also added a set of card backsides if somebody really wants to print out these cards. As always I hope you have fun with them!

gif-version (about 0.6 mb)

jpg-version (about 4.7 mb)

and for the card’s backsides:

jpg-version (quite strangely about 9 mb)


My Wallpapers 14

February 15, 2007


Saishuu Heiki Kanojo is a very tragic and impressive work. It seems that I can’t find the right words to describe my feelings about it adequately (I tried for a far too long time now). However it is definitely worth to watch. But be warned, it is really depressing at times. Here is (at least) a short description I wrote some time ago:

Japan is at war, but in Hokkaido life is relative peaceful. Shuuji and Chise, a frail and shy girl, are third year students in Hokkaido and Chise just confessed her love to Shuuji. He gave her a positive response although he isn’t really sure himself. One day, while in Sapporo, Shuuji experiences a air raid on the city. However, the enemy bombers get erased by a small, but very mobile aircraft. Much to Shuujis surprise it turns out that this aircraft is Chise, somehow modified to be the ultimate weapon, but still the vulnerable girl he knew.
A very tragic story centred around the relationship between Shuuji and Chise and the people they know while the world they live in slowly falls apart.