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Halftime for ef – a tale of memories

November 25, 2007


It’s nice to see that SHAFT really can use its unconventional animation style to support the story that’s there to be told instead of promote their animation style on the expense of the story telling. This time pace and style create an atmosphere most fitting to the feelings and mind of the protagonist. Especially Chihiro’s torn state of mind is pictured quite well this way and I love the overall surreal impression that is accomplished. I also like the idea of telling both, so far mostly independent plots at the same time, thus using each other to fill up some time on the other which is otherwise managed by doing filler episodes or introducing filler characters. This way most of the characters are of real importance or, if they aren’t, only receive little screentime. And there is always the possibility that both plots might merge to a much greater one in the end. Of course this all only works right if both stories are interesting and compelling for the viewer, but at least for me it definitely does.


ef – a tale of memories & Minami-ke

November 2, 2007

ef – a tale of memories

ef - a tale of memories

I like the surreal feeling which is created by the way ef – a tale of memories is animated. Only problem is that because it’s being made by SHAFT one can’t be really sure if this is intended or if they are again using the story as mere base for showing off their made animation skillz (which didn’t went well with some of their latest works). Well, so far it’s comprehensible and quite enjoyable, the characters are likeable and especially Chihiro’s fate is pretty touching.



Watching the everyday life of the three sisters featured in Minami-ke is highly entertaining and relaxing. It literally emits good vibration. Each sister has a unique and well balanced combination of strong and weak points which makes their interaction pretty enjoyable and through the including of each girls individual school life and circle of friends a lot of variety should be ensured. Two thumbs up.