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A little late, I know…

December 15, 2008

… but still better than never, here are the next 8 cards. The delay is caused by me being offline at home at the moment, because (surprisingly) my new phone company didn’t manage to properly connect me at time and I’m still waiting for them to do so for now. Thus I’m misusing my workplace at the moment for this post, so I’ll make it quick. This time the 8 anime shows are produced by 7 different studios. I tried to sort them theme-wise, but just plain failed for the second-half. I thought about adding Air and Lucky Star to make those 4 cards completely KyoAni based, but in the end it was more important to me to add those two other series instead, although or rather because their are rather underdogs compared to the KyoAni series.

gif-version (about 0.7 mb)

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Eight new cards

December 7, 2008


As announced here are the next 8 cards for the anime top trump set. This time the featured studios are Madhouse Production and Studio Deen, both having a rather broad spectrum in story themes and in quality of their animation. In fact  I was pretty surprised about which basically different animes were produces by the same studio, because I never really took notice of the producing studio while watching anime until recently. Of course it’s quite natural for a big studio to produce on different quality levels and within different anime themes, but I just haven’t bothered to think about it until now.

Well, here are the links:

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My Wallpapers 33

June 29, 2007

Sakura Wars

I simply adore the character design of Sakura Wars. And Sakura Shinguji is easily one of my all-time favored anime characters. The balance between shyness and frankness, calmness and excitement, clumsiness and dexterousness and violability and strength is just right within her. I actually like Sakura Wars so much that I brought all games (pretty cheap), without knowing Japanese nor owning the necessary consoles to run them on, just with the hope to have someday what it needs to play them.
Sadly the OVAs are nearly incomprehensible without having played the games, but at least for the first bunch there is a “real” TV-series available which also helps to understand what’s going on in the corresponding OVAs (and movie). And while the Paris Assault Force at least seems likeable if one knew more about them the New York Fighting Troupe was nearly unbearable because of their stereotypically. Consequently I couldn’t watch more than the first OVA of them and now fear that that they might realize the mentioned Berlin Assault Force next, with even more stereotypic German members of that time.

Picture Source: Seeking Happiness Wallpapers