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Hell yeah!

December 26, 2007

(From ANN)


Strike Witches Anime Confirmed for TV Relaunch in 2008

Strike WitchesThe official website for the Strike Witches anime has confirmed that the video project is being relaunched for television in 2008. The project will also get a manga serialization that will begin in the March issue (on sale on January 25) of Kadokawa’s Comp Ace magazine. Kunihisa Sugishima (Speed Grapher, Nabari no Ou) directed the original video which the media companies Gonzo and Kadokawa Shoten released on January 1 of this year. Kadokawa Shoten‘s Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko imprint published one prequel novel and one volume of the anime’s novelization.



I said it then and I say it again: With the concept of featuring Kemonomini girls who can transform into WW2 Aircrafts I just can’t see what could possible go wrong for this anime!


Strike Witches OVA

January 22, 2007


Well, this was rather pointless, but nice to watch. Hopefully this isn’t all of Strike Witches, because a series of this could be highly entertaining (at least I guess so). By the way, what’s with all these country names? Okay, they make a bit of sense somehow, but still, why not use the real names? And the borderlines look more like WW1 than WW2.

Such a big board and so few game pieces...

And yeah, again it sucks to be France. ^_^

P.S.: Somehow Strike Witches seems to be pretty popular and through some mysteries ways I’ve come to be third ranked on Google for this subject. That’s nice and all, but I think for example Retsgip’s Anime Blog is much more enthusiastic about it. So if you want much more of a review of the Strike Witches OVA, visit that blog.


Strike Witches

August 29, 2006

The sky is the limit

Seems like there will be an OVA released soon that features Kemonomini girls who can transform into WW2 Aircrafts to fight, uh, something or someone, doesn’t matter I think. The story (quoted from the website): “The world had recieved the attack from the existance of the mystery that appeared suddenly. Only girls who have magic can stop them. They install arms in an own body, and fight in the sky, the land, and the sea. Fights of girls who defend the world start now.”

I think that is the first Kemonomini Nazi I have ever seen

Those two for example are Erica Hartmann (able to transform into a Bf109G-6, likely based on the real Pilot Erich Hartmann) and (maybe) Mio Sakamoto (able to transform into a A6M3a “Zero”, likely based on the Pilots Saburo Sakai and Tetsuzo Iwamoto). I just can’t see what possible could go wrong with the concept of featuring Kemonomini girls who can transform into WW2 Aircrafts. Maybe they are even fighting against each other!

*bang* *bang*

Yes, I will definitely watch this!