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July 27, 2007

Futakoi Alternative

What I probably like best of Futakoi Alternative is that one could never know how the next episode will be. While one episode was action to the max the next one could be a the sliciest of life you’ve ever seen. At one time you have twins with assault rifles fighting mutant squid monsters and in the next you have a P.I. trying to make a living with the least possible amount of work. Sometimes crazy sci-fi and then again very much down-to-earth. Of course the nice cast and the animation style helped, too, but mainly its unpredictability made this series most enjoyable.

Unfortunately its way of storytelling also made the plot rather confuse and hard to follow and most of the side characters where left pretty shallow, but I guess there is always some price to pay.

Wallpaper Source: Ningen’s Anime Wallpapers