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Lucky Star – 04

May 7, 2007


Just want to say that this is one of the best opening scenes I’ve seen so far.


Lucky Star & sola

April 14, 2007

Lucky Star

Lucky Star (respectively Lucky Channel)

It’s no Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu or Azumanga Daioh, but none the less quite nice. Don’t know if it can ever reach or surpass the above or if they even aim for that, I just think that the show by itself has some potential. The OP doesn’t really fit to the rest of it so far and the best “direct” comedy moment was in the “Lucky Channel” part at the end, however I also never got bored the rest of the time and, yes, somehow even liked what I’ve seen. Can’t say if I would see Lucky Star with different eyes (or at all) if it hasn’t been made by KyoAni, because it is made by them and I enjoyed each show they made so far. Very much. So love me, hate me, don’t be bothered about it at all or do whatever you like and think it’s worth because of this, it’s just a fact I can’t (and won’t) change.
And after all, it’s only anime.



Yay, Vampires!

Okay, I’m not that sure about that, actually the only indication for this is Matsuri’s reaction to the sunlight. However, the artwork (and Matsuri especially) looks really good and the story promises to be interesting, so take me off the shelf and put me in a plastic bag, because I’m sold!