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4 weeks later

December 21, 2008


Here are the final 8 cards , of course GAINAX also got a group on its own in the end, the last 4 cards are again a mixture of different studios, but this time they match a bit better theme-wise I think. This  completes the set of 32 cards and my work on them, which was a lot more than I first thought it would be, but it was at least as much fun, too.
For example while putting these cards together I sometimes had to search through my long ago saved video files which was quite entertaining on its own. Here seeing that my 6 year old CD with the Gunbuster files was still working fine today gave me a especial pleasing surprise, and watching the 320 x 240 pixel video with 15 pictures per second made me really happy for living those 6 years later now.

So, here are the links to the cards. I also added a set of card backsides if somebody really wants to print out these cards. As always I hope you have fun with them!

gif-version (about 0.6 mb)

jpg-version (about 4.7 mb)

and for the card’s backsides:

jpg-version (quite strangely about 9 mb)


Claymore & Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

April 10, 2007



I’m not very much into serious animes, normally there should be at least some humorous elements for me, but regardless of this Claymore caught my attention (and I guess there won’t be much to laugh about). Can’t point my finger on something specific, the whole episode was just pretty interesting and everything fits quite nicely. I’m not very fond of the artwork style though, but it suits the atmosphere of this series and I’m already used to it after the first episode.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

The first thing I read about this series was that it somehow resembles FLCL, which did not rise my anticipation to watch it because I didn’t enjoyed FLCL that much. None the less the first episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann was quite fun, although the pace is a bit to fast for my taste and doesn’t help to enjoy the well executed animation and artwork to it’s fullest. The scenario looks interesting and even the mechas seem to be at least acceptable. And if it really resembles FLCL is something I can barely judge because, well, I can’t remember very much of that series to tell the truth. But I wasn’t as nearly as confused after this episode as I was after each FLCL episode (maybe this counts something).