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Murder Princess – 06

September 10, 2007

slightly in the red

And so this little series ends. Sadly Cecilia happens to be just another mad powermonger without any slightly decent motivation to do what she did except for the fun of it. I don’t know which other reason she could have had to wish to kill every living being on the planet because she didn’t seem to be a friend of peace and tranquillity. Well, in the end it doesn’t really matter because this anime main interesting feature surely isn’t its story, but watching a sword-whirling princess slashing her way through her enemies, favorably wearing a blood-stained and ripped dress. I think this was quite nicely delivered and as a bonus there was some interesting interaction between the two female leads. Of course it could have been better in many ways, but it entertained me none the less and I even liked the end of the last episode (yes, I even was slightly moved), which isn’t that common as one should expect for anime series.

So, altogether a nice series I don’t regret having watched to

The End



Murder Princess – 05

August 6, 2007

What is the matter with your eyes?! Why can't I see myself in your eyes?

Surprisingly the two robo-lolis were rather… bearable now that Dr. Knievel is gone. Of course, now on the “good” site they’ve become quite useless, but that was to be expected. Milano must be one of the most forgiving persons I’ve seen so far, after all almost everybody she knew and loved was slaughtered by those two, a very bloody coup d’état for such a peaceful-to-be scientist if you ask me. By the way, I find it a bit controversial to use “You were only following orders” as an excuse for their past crimes. Okay, they are robots, so the argument is somehow fitting, but still it has some bitter taste to it.
Alita’s companions on the other hand are pretty powerful in their “true” form, although I can’t help but wonder why most fantasy animes must be based on the ruins of a high-tech civilisation. At least it explains the technologic stuff that didn’t seem to fit so far (motorcycles, photos etc.) I guess. The most impressive character is still Milano, she must have very much courage in her to do the things she did at the end of the episode.

Now I’m curious if they’ll show some decent motivation in the last episode for Cecilia to bring so much dead and chaos about the world except for bringing so much dead and chaos about the world.

But I guess they won’t.


Murder Princess – 04

July 9, 2007

Shush! There are no 'plotholes'.

Finally Alita gets an suitable enemy. The new bad guys in town already scored some points by doing what had to be done for so long now. Wasn’t as horrible as I wished for, but at least there was a satisfactory amount of blood. However, I’m not wondering anymore how this loser trio could pull off a (nearly) successful coup d’état after having seen them sneak in the royal banquet without even trying to disguise themselves. Okay, such an event doesn’t necessarily need some high security level and a giant with two loli-robots can be overlooked pretty easily, granted. At least the guards didn’t fall for the princess who saved their sorry backsides twice in a row. Each country gets the usurper it deservers I guess.

None the less still a quite enjoyable anime series which gave me some (light) Final Fantasy VII vibes at times.


Murder Princess – 03

June 10, 2007

Good morning sunshine!

While definitely flawed in some ways Murder Princess is still pretty enjoyable. The relationship between Milano and Alita is interesting and it’s nice to see that Alita’s companions are getting some character development one their own instead of just being the battle sidekicks. Also I like how the memory of the original Milano is still present in the story, although it was used for a rather plain reason for some unpleasantness between the two heroines. What I found a bit strange later on was that the prince wasn’t surprised at all about his formerly peaceful but now katana-wielding and bloodstained sister (sadly without a ripped dress this time). Well, he is quite fishy anyway, it’s rather obviously that he and the new villain(s) are somehow connected. This leads me to my biggest complain: Why is this wanna-be Dr. Evil and his two robotic killerlolis still not dead yet? Now that finally some really villains are present these three are even more dispensable than before and there was such a good opportunity to get rid of them, too. My greatest fear now is that some or all of them might team up with Alita in the end.

Hopefully they’ll die some horrible deads next time instead.


Murder Princess – 02

May 6, 2007

The Maid is dead. Long live the Maid!

I was a bit surprised that the this episodes begins at the exactly same point of time where the first one stopped, because I thought that such a dull villain could only be good enough for the introduction of the main characters. Now I got to know that they’ll have to handle with him not only two, but even three episodes at least. Good point about it is that they’ve found some time to show Milano’s fate (figured as much, but appreciated that they have shown it after all), the bad point is the trio of dullness is still around. To tell the truth, I seldom wished for a more brutal (and hopefully senseless) erase of existence than I do for these three. I don’t have any clear image for the doctor’s end yet, but for the loli-dolls I wouldn’t mind if they destroy one of them by hitting it with the other one, as hard as possible and preferable several times…

Anyway, as minor points I was a bit surprised at how fast Alita could adapt to the life of a maid and I really like it how Fallis always “adjusts” her dresses to fight properly. Murder Princess is a rather average series, but none the less I like it so far.


Murder Princess (OVA) & Idolm@ster Xenoglossia

April 8, 2007

Murder Princess

Murder Princess

The story feels a bit rushed (typical for an OVA I guess) and the combination of violence and cuteness doesn’t fit as well as in Elfen Lied or Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Also I didn’t like the character design of the main villain (and hope to never see him again, at least not alive) and I would have liked to know of the fate of the princess’s maid, Milano. Otherwise the episode was quite entertaining and I like the overall setting of this fantasy anime.

Idolm@ster Xenoglossia

Idolm@ster Xenoglossia

The character design is very Sunrise-like (which isn’t really a bad thing) and there are mechas in this show (which isn’t really a good thing). The first episode was rather confusing and I guess that the next few episodes will show if this turns out good or bad. It has potential for both.