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My Wallpapers 24

April 26, 2007

Card Captor Sakura

I didn’t succeeded to watch Card Captor Sakura to its end so far, although I do like it somehow. I stopped somewhere in the middle of the second season years ago and never came back to it. Maybe other series took the time I could have spend on it, maybe other thing where more important temporally, I don’t know for sure. What I know is that Sakura was always a bit too nice and too happy for my taste (I always found the idea of a dark CCS Alternative very interesting btw) and so are most of the CCS Wallpapers. Therefore I like and use this one, because with a little imagination one could think that Sakura is boastful grinning instead of her usual smiling.

Don’t get me wrong, I like her, but sometimes she could have been a little bit, uh, “evil”.


sola – 03

April 24, 2007

Now with 20% more moe-ness!

After a fight to the dead in the dark of the night nothing makes blood-soaked cloth as clean and shiny again as Power Clean does! Buy now!

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Bokurano & Darker than Black

April 22, 2007



Fifteen school kids are suddenly faced to fight fifteen gigantic enemies who will appear one after another. Each time an enemy appears, one among the children gets chosen to fight. To fight them, they got a giant mecha in which’s cockpit one special chair for each of them exists, formed after their personality and memories.
At first sight the story sounds rather generic, but it soon gets obviously that it is much more a character sketch of the children than some sort of mecha action show. Therefore it doesn’t bother so much that the mechas, while not bad looking, are not merging very well with the rest of the animation. Each of the kids has a well drawn personality and behaves accordingly different to the role that has been given to them (and the price they’ll have to pay for it). I really like how each children’s character gets visualized in the ED through the way they sit on their cockpit chair (altohugh the chair itself already tells a lot about the corresponding character).
A very intersting anime I’d say

Darker than Black

Darker than Black

Like the title promises the atmosphere of this anime is a rather gloomy one. I like the setting and the characters so far. It’s altogether maybe a bit too harsh for my taste, but sometimes things have to hurt a bit to enjoy them the most, and I think I’ll endure it for the great noir-feeling this series delivers.


My Wallpapers 23

April 19, 2007

Fate/stay night

Granted, Fate/stay night could have been much, much better, but it was still nice to watch. While the story and the characters never developed as nearly as they could and should have, the artwork was always great to look at. Saber is (as can be seen) my favorite character and with this wallpaper (which is a horizontal flipped version of the original picture with some minor adjustment of the color) she seems to watch over my icons, always prepared to erase the every useless one who might dare to screen only the tiniest part of her.


sola – 02

April 17, 2007

It's clearly to see how happy he is about the development

Touch of the vampire.

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Lucky Star & sola

April 14, 2007

Lucky Star

Lucky Star (respectively Lucky Channel)

It’s no Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu or Azumanga Daioh, but none the less quite nice. Don’t know if it can ever reach or surpass the above or if they even aim for that, I just think that the show by itself has some potential. The OP doesn’t really fit to the rest of it so far and the best “direct” comedy moment was in the “Lucky Channel” part at the end, however I also never got bored the rest of the time and, yes, somehow even liked what I’ve seen. Can’t say if I would see Lucky Star with different eyes (or at all) if it hasn’t been made by KyoAni, because it is made by them and I enjoyed each show they made so far. Very much. So love me, hate me, don’t be bothered about it at all or do whatever you like and think it’s worth because of this, it’s just a fact I can’t (and won’t) change.
And after all, it’s only anime.



Yay, Vampires!

Okay, I’m not that sure about that, actually the only indication for this is Matsuri’s reaction to the sunlight. However, the artwork (and Matsuri especially) looks really good and the story promises to be interesting, so take me off the shelf and put me in a plastic bag, because I’m sold!


My Wallpapers 22

April 12, 2007

Hayate no Gotoku!

Today for a change not one of the older wallpapers I use but a brand new one that I, me and myself made together yesterday. I’ve now watched the second episode of Hayate no Gotoku! and (how you can easily guess) I really liked and enjoyed it very much. The series is on a pretty good way and I hope that they can keep it up to the end. Definitely one of my favorites of this season now.
By the way, do real people exist who also purposely wear socks when they go to bed? It’s the first time that I got aware of something like this.

In other news, I’ve watched the first episode of Touka Gettan and because I didn’t got even the smallest idea what is going on and don’t think it will get better in the near future I’m pretty sure that this is also the last episode of Touka Gettan I’ll watch.