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Tower of Druaga – The Aegis Of Uruk

June 29, 2008

With Tower of Druaga a highly enjoyable RPG-style fantasy anime has finally been produced again. Not too serious, not too comical, but a healthy mixture of both. A nice set of characters to root for, enough drama between them, nice monster slayings, good music and artwork and a hell of story twists at the end. Of course it isn’t perfect and there are as always some things one can criticize. For example didn’t fit the final boss well into the animation because it was CGI and the world and plot per se felt pretty artificial. But that is because the origin of this anime is a simple Pac-Man styled arcade game where one has to fight through sixty levels of a tower filled with monsters and I think they squeezed a quite good story out of this little material and made good fun of it at times themselves.
All in all a pretty nice watch and I’m surely looking forward for the next seasion in 2009.


Toshokan Sensou – Two Kinds of White

June 21, 2008

Wrath of the just

A real nice surprise within Toshokan Sensou is that its story not only consists of the main conflict between the bad guys of the Media Cleansing Committee and the good guys of the Defence Organization, but also of the inner conflict in the Defence Organization between its different groupings. These conflicts arise because of the different ways the groups think it might be best to act to ensure the success of their duty. They might seem counterproductive at first, but are a very good sign because they show that the Organization has within itself at least some of the democratic element it tries to defend. Storywise they are a good way to give the white image of the story’s good guys some strains of grey which makes the Organization feel more realistic and vivid…

Or at least they should, because here Toshokan Sensou sadly falls short so far. All what was seen so far about other groups consists of suspicious and/or dislikeable and weak persons who have their own little book-burning campaign running or are trying to act pacifistic against all chances of success while having nothing better to do than bully the few ones who try to defend them anyhow with the necessary means. In the end this only helps to let the light of the Task Force members shine even brighter, because now they have not only to fight against the enemies from the outside, but also against the ones within their own organization. This is really a pity, because both ways of different thinking that where shown so far have their own right. Of course both the Media Cleansing Committee and the Defence Organization must find a way to end this conflict peacefully sometime in the future because it just shouldn’t and can’t be decided by pure strength of arms, and nothing else seems to be the approach of the “Library Future Planning”. And if you always had good experiences with a non-violent approach you won’t change it just because a bunch of weapon-wielding militarists say so. But now both attempts seem just pathetic and suspicious only because of the pathetic and suspicious people who stand in for them.

So, I like the way Toshokan Sensou thematize the inner conflicts of its good guys, but the way it’s done it only creates a black-white and a white-white division which just doesn’t cut it. Hopefully this might turn to a better in this otherwise quite entertaining series.


Fumina Konoe Strikes Back

June 9, 2008

One of the good things about Shakugan no Shana is that even if the actual season doesn’t deliver at all one can always look forward for the season’s Shanatan version. Of course even Shanatan fails at times, but at least it’s in the worst case a waste of no more than ten minutes worth of life instead of the time equal to half a season. And so far the good parts outweighed the bad ones by far. Luckily the latest instalment doesn’t differ here and offers lots of cuteness and silliness again with (to name a few) Konoe and especially Kazumi acting in a little different way, Shanatan using her newest melon pan weapon, Sabrac’s premiere as “Da pimp” and the Shanatan version of the caramelldansen, which by the way already got its own caramelldansen version in reverse.


Allison to Lillia – 08

June 1, 2008

Man, I already heard that this episode would be pretty bad, but this… . That the story of the whole arc is quite simple to guess and predictable is one thing, but the “climax” of the arc in this episode was so badly written and arranged that it figuratively hurt to watch, especially for somebody like me who decided to like this show no matter what. Well, they still have one arc left for the Allison part of this show to somehow find back on track, but I’m rather pessimistic about that.

Also I feel a bit cheated that the yellow biplane has more screentime in the opening than in the actual show itself.