Kanon 20

February 19, 2007

Waking up in the dark

School’s out forever.

It surprised me pretty much that Ayu disappeared in this episode. I knew she would at some point, but thought it would at least take one episode longer. Ayu and Yuuichi as a couple in this episode didn’t really feel right. Maybe it is because of the sister-brother like relationship they had till now or because Ayu appears to be much younger than Yuuichi. I don’t know, but it just felt wrong, but none the less I enjoyed the sweet moments they shared. It’s up to Yuuichi now to find the lost item and solve the mystery of Ayu’s (and his) past. At least he got to know from Ayu that it must be buried somewhere.

Digging frozen ground with bare hands is a relly bad idea

Well, now that Ayu is also gone (which makes 2 girls ending up disappeared vs 3 being hospitalized) Nayuki is (beside Akiko) the last girl standing. Seems like we’ll get to know a bit of her story after all (Yay!). It’s quite sad how she is always thrust aside by the arcs of the other girls only because she is the only one without any mysterious problem to be solved. She was backing Yuuichi all the way and didn’t ever caught his interest due to her unproblematic being. On the other hand she could stay healthy and save this way.

Poor (or rather lucky?) Nayuki

Maybe there will also be some time for more information about the “older girl” Yuuichi had his first crush on which I believe would be the real Makoto Sawatari.
By the way, I don’t really know if it is now a big no-no to compare scenes of Kanon with other works of KyoAni, but this scene:

Walking in the snow

immediately reminded me of the intro from Air. To be specific, it reminded me of this scene:

Walking in the sunset

Just as a side note.


  1. 1) O wow, good eyes, now that u mention it those two pictures do look awfully alike.

    2) I think the real reason why Nayuki wasn’t exactly notable for U1 is because she’s his cousin. Although cousin-love-relationship is commonly accepted in japan, this factor can easily limit U1’s feeling to her as a brother-sisterly feeling much rather than romantic feeling.

    3) I’ve always wondered why the writer make Ayu look so young in the setting… wouldn’t that just discourage ppl from supporting the pairing? Unless he believes in “loli-con” XD J/k, there’s actually a reason why she looks so young.

    4) Speaking of Ayu disappearing…. I think its that navy-blue jacket she wore. The exact same one Makoto wore b4 during ep08 and she, too, goes *poof*

    Happy Kanoning ^_^

  2. 1) Thx

    2) I don’t really know about the cousin-thing, because in some cultures these relationships are even favored as far as I can tell. Personally it would hinder me as well, but I don’t know how it is exactly handled in Japan.

    3) Well, I think they make her this young because of the loli-factor, but as you said, it doesn’t help (at least me) in supporting their pairing. And of course there is a (story-)reason why she looks so young, but *shhhh* don’t tell. *g*

    4) It could be the jacket, true, true. But I rather think that the jam has something to do with it. Or maybe it is a deadly combination of both (at least for girls). Hopefully Nayuki never gets to wear that jacket! *g*

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