Shuffle! Memories 07

February 26, 2007

A night in Despair Town

Again quite harsh to see how far Kaede gets driven by her despair. I always thought that Rin could have been a bit more sensitive toward her, especially after the breakdown, but maybe he chose the right path to help her to overcome this abnormal obsession after all. However, I still think that he should have talked with her about the breakdown and the obvious problems she has. Then, on the other hand, it all was very surprising for him as well and he might have needed some time to come to the right conclusions.

Well, so much for the hope of some new stuff. The Kaede episodes where just pure recaps (at least I didn’t noticed any new stuff). That’s a bit sad because it feels like Shuffle still has much potential to explore. Don’t know what they want to achieve with these recaps (I just can’t see much people buying DVDs full of pure recap episodes), but at least I now think a bit better of Shuffle than I did before. And they also reminded me that Primura looks much better with loose hair.


  1. I agree that Rin should have talked more with Kaede than he did. I wasn’t at all satisfied with this episode. I don’t really understand why they put out this a series when all of it is just recaps. Oh well, at least I’ll be able to know the story since I didn’t watch it the first time.

  2. I think you won’t miss much by only watching Memories and not the original series. That way you’ll get around most of this pesky fanclub stuff as a bonus. *g* Only exception might be episode 11, because that one is mostly about Mayumi, who won’t have much screentime in the recaps I guess.

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