Fate/stay night re-watched

January 3, 2009

After having finished the Fate/stay night game I took the time in the last few days to watch the anime version a second time and I’d say it’s pretty okay. I enjoyed it much more than the first time, although I knew from the start that much of the really interesting stuff won’t be featured. In fact, I think that this knowledge made the anime more enjoyable and interesting this time. Now I wasn’t in danger to be disappointed about all the missing things, but could appreciate the well done conversion of the static images of the game into a living (anime) world and pay attention to anything that differs from the Fate route of the game. And I think they did quite a good job in interspersing different hints from the other routes without giving away too much. At least I couldn’t conclude any important parts of the other routes in my first run, but now it was pretty easy to interpret and appreciate them. The extended part about Caster was interesting to watch, too. I guess the studio used some of the raw material Type-Moon had left from the not-realised forth route here.
So, in order to enjoy Fate/stay night the most I would suggest to watch the anime, then play the game and then watch the anime again. Might take a bit longer this way, but nobody said it’d be easy (alternatively it should help to be not expecting anything beyond the Fate route in the anime after having the game played first).

Next thing for me is to watch the Tsukihime anime again now. I expect a similar experience, maybe better because Tsukihime is in many aspects superior to Fate/stay night.  I just watched Fate first because I like it’s whole setting a bit more, it isn’t as gloomy and there is a bit more “happening” in the long run.

Also I’m still a big sucker for girls-with-swords.


  1. Visual Novel>>>Anime
    Well, it’s not possible to put everything in the visual novel into the anime.
    Currently playing Heaven’s Feel route now.

  2. watch again? so boring, isnt it?

  3. Not at all. I’ve watched Fate for the first time a few years ago and thus had only clear memories of parts of the anime. Furthermore because of the game I had much more background knowledge of the story this time and could understand many things much better than before.

  4. A good post, While browsing i came across your blog. Its very interesting to read your posts.


  5. I love this thx


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