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November 10, 2008

After the first six episodes of Clannad ~After Story~ I wonder if there is actually some after-story left to tell about the main characters after their respective main stories were told in the original series. Beside of Nagisa and Tomoya, who are practically bound to appear a lot, the other characters were demoted to a few cameos here and there in the last five episodes (with the first episode featuring all Clannad characters for a quick reintroduction I guess). Not that those episodes were wasted time, quite the opposite for sure, but, for example, Misae made no impact to me at all in the original series. I don’t have anything against watching the stories of the minor characters, but I would like to see a stronger integration of the main characters in them, because in the end they are the ones I’m watching this series for in the first place. After all, one of the major advantages Clannad had to, for example, Kanon is the fact that its girls didn’t “disappear” after their individual arc was done with, but still appeared in and even affected the later episodes in some degree. This is something I’m missing so far in the ~After Story~s.

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