Fate/stay night – Translation patch V3.1

November 3, 2008

For everybody who is interested (I surely am): Mirror Moon recently released the third (and presumable) last English patch for the Fate/stay night computer game, including the Heaven’s Feel scenario and thus offering a translation for the whole game now. I said it before and can only say so again:

Thank you! Very, very much!


  1. I got the patch from mirror moon…. but It won’t let me go through any other route than the fate route… anyone can help me there? maybe I installed wrong or somethin?

  2. To get to the next route you must finish the Fate route first. Then start the game again and reject Rins offer for cooperation. That should trigger the next route. If this doesn’t work try asking in the mirror moon forum, they might be able to help you more than I can then.

  3. ha ha ha i love fate/stay night a lot cqaught every epesode in ty lol!!! ha ha ha

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