Kyou no Go no Ni TV

October 15, 2008

So far I’m quite pleased with the TV version of Kyou no Go no Ni. I believe it goes without saying that I would have wished for a similar animation quality like the OVA had and at first I was rather disappointed, but after a short time of acclimatisation it’s not that bad after all. The change of the Seiyuus was also something I was concerned about, but the new cast works fine for me. The background music is decent and when noticeable then in a good way, which is more than I remember from the OVA, so I think they made a good job here. And what I really like beside the new episodes is that they try to differ a bit in the ones that are already known through the OVA. These changes don’t alter the story per se, but are a nice addition and can only really be appreciated if one knows the OVA I guess.
Again, altogether a fine series to watch so far, hopefully it keeps being entertaining when the old stuff is through and that the setting work for more than four episodes. For now I’m positive on this.


  1. you have nice taste in animu to watch..

    i loved the OVA of this series, but i haven’t been watching much animu lately.

    i’ll use your blog to keep up to date with some stuff.

    hope you don’t mind.

  2. Sure I don’t mind, you are welcome. I’m not that much up to date myself at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be of some help.

  3. If only more than 74 people could read about this..

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