Fumina Konoe Strikes Back

June 9, 2008

One of the good things about Shakugan no Shana is that even if the actual season doesn’t deliver at all one can always look forward for the season’s Shanatan version. Of course even Shanatan fails at times, but at least it’s in the worst case a waste of no more than ten minutes worth of life instead of the time equal to half a season. And so far the good parts outweighed the bad ones by far. Luckily the latest instalment doesn’t differ here and offers lots of cuteness and silliness again with (to name a few) Konoe and especially Kazumi acting in a little different way, Shanatan using her newest melon pan weapon, Sabrac’s premiere as “Da pimp” and the Shanatan version of the caramelldansen, which by the way already got its own caramelldansen version in reverse.

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