Allison to Lillia – 08

June 1, 2008

Man, I already heard that this episode would be pretty bad, but this… . That the story of the whole arc is quite simple to guess and predictable is one thing, but the “climax” of the arc in this episode was so badly written and arranged that it figuratively hurt to watch, especially for somebody like me who decided to like this show no matter what. Well, they still have one arc left for the Allison part of this show to somehow find back on track, but I’m rather pessimistic about that.

Also I feel a bit cheated that the yellow biplane has more screentime in the opening than in the actual show itself.



  1. I shouldn’t like this, I really shouldn’t. The direction is so amateurish that it’s a blessing that the source material comes from the same writer as Kino’s Journey because heaven knows I’d lose interest otherwise. Half of me is bitterly disappointed while the other half is loving the pretty artwork and the warmth to the characters. A lot of inner conflict going on here.

    For shame, this could have been fantastic.

  2. Exactly my point. So much potential gone to waste…

  3. Well for me its better to be more realistic.

  4. I decided to like this show no matter what as well. Needless to say I haven’t been very impressed. I think this show more or less topped out at episode 2. I think with a more capable director and production team it could have been much more magical, but what we were given is pretty disappointing. Still, I keep watching this show!

  5. not yet watch this anime, this is happy ending or sad ending ? I don’t like sad ending 😦

  6. The series is still running, but I would be more than surprised if it has a sad ending.

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