To the end of…

March 30, 2008



Mokke never was especially exciting, surprising or thrilling. The artwork and even the way of storytelling was mostly mediocre and it was rather childish at times. Still, with all these flaws, Mokke is a series I enjoyed very much. It just doesn’t needed all those fancy stuff. In the contrary, I think those would have made the series worse, because it’s just the everyday tale of two sisters who live their everyday normal life while being connected to the spiritual world. For me the charm of this series lies in the simple, but likeable characters and its original way of trying to normalise the supernatural instead of mystifying the normal through the addition of the spiritual like many other series do.

Kimikiss Pure Rouge

Kimikiss Pure Rouge

Everything in Kimikiss was refreshingly normal, but I can’t help but wonder if I would have watched this show if it was performed by real people. I often see that people don’t want to see animes because they are, well, animated. Guess it’s more or less the other way round for me. Back to the show, it was no big deal, but entertaining and interesting to watch. While the triangular love pattern was maybe a bit overused the development of each of them were quite believeable. I give this series high credits for solve all of them in the end, showing that these situations can be handled in some way and that life still goes on after them. Also all characters are personable, well developed and distinguishable, which made it easy to follow the story of this large group.

H2O – Footprints in the Sand


H2O just didn’t cut it for me. I found the characters mostly not believable and at least half of them unlikeable. Takuma’s blindness was badly pictured, Hayami was way to forgiving, Yui wasn’t consistent, the addition of the trap was as unnecessary as it was disturbing and the ending was indecisive and just blah. And those are just the few things that come to my mind at the moment. It’s all a bit sad, because the main idea of the story wasn’t bad at all and would have made a good series if it would have been carried out better.


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