sola gets USA release and School Rumble & Slayers a new season

February 27, 2008

Okay, lets keep it in order (all news snapped from ANN):


Bandai Visual USA Confirms sola Release, DVD Details

sola newsOne day after the news was revealed online, Bandai Visual USA has officially confirmed its release of the 15-episode supernatural romance series sola. The anime will be released on five DVDs, each carrying three episodes (including the two that never aired during sola‘s Japanese television broadcast), and there will not be an English dub. The price per volume is set at US$49.99, and the first volume is scheduled for June 10. The first volume’s DVD extras will include a full-color, eight-page booklet and four character postcards. A special premium gift item will be offered to those who purchase sola from Bandai Visual‘s dot-anime.us site.

(Article from ANN)


Good news that sola gets its release in the USA, but 250 bucks for just subtitles and some small extras, I don’t know about that. Many people dislike dubs, so I guess its not that big of a deal to drop them, but I think that this reduction of conversion costs should directly result in a reduced price tag.

On to the next news:


Third School Rumble Anime Series Greenlit

School Rumble newsThe official website for the School Rumble slice-of-life anime franchise has announced that a third series has been greenlit for production in Japan. Kodansha will bundle School Rumble: Third Term DVDs with the limited first editions of the 21st and 22nd Japanese volumes of Jin Kobayashi‘s original school comedy manga. The 21st volume goes on sale on July 17. (The 20th volume, without a DVD, goes on sale on March 17.) The new project will reunite director Shinji Takamatsu, series script editor Hiroko Tokita, character designer and animation director Hajime Watanabe, and the animators at Studio Comet; all of them worked on the first two anime series.

Funimation has been releasing the first two anime series on DVD in North America, and Del Rey has been releasing the the manga series in North America.

Source: Moon Phase

(Article from ANN)


Well, the second season of School Rumble trainwrecked pretty good. Hopefully the third season focus again on the few main characters, I just don’t want to see any more boring stuff about those boring side and even more on the side characters which really nobody likes.

And now to the real surprise:


New Slayers Fantasy TV Anime Series in the Works

Slayers newsPage 24 of Fujimi Shobo‘s Dragon Magazine‘s April issue — which is officially on sale on February 29 but was previewed early — has announced that a new television anime project is in the works for Hajime Kanzaka‘s Slayers fantasy light novels. The official title and the cast has yet to be revealed. The official Hajime Kanzaka Fan Club has confirmed the news and added that the project will feature an anime-exclusive story, split across two cours (two seasons of three months). Director Takashi Watanabe will oversee J.C. Staff, the same studio that worked with him on all three previous Slayers television series. Kanzaka also created the Lost Universe novels, manga, and anime series.

The fan club could not confirm who will be in the project’s cast or even if Lina, the popular character voiced by Megumi Hayashibara, will be featured in this project. The club’s news report did say that more details will be revealed in Dragon Magazine and anime magazines. Central Park Media and FUNimation Entertainment both released the three previous Slayers television series in English in North America.

Thank you to dormcat for the news tip.

(Article from ANN)


Wow, it’s a long time ago that I watched the whole Slayers collection of episodes, OVAs & movies and read the few Slayer mangas that got translated here. Found it all quite enjoyable, don’t know how I would think about it from my today’s point of view…

Aw, what the heck, bring it on!

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