Wallpaper Week Day 4

February 14, 2008

Kaze no Stigma

I think I haven’t said anything about Kaze no Stigma yet. Well, it definitely had it’s flaws and as far as I heard the anime version differs in many points from the original light novels. It seems like the tone of the novels is much darker than the one of the anime with Kazuma killing quite many of his enemies. Guess this didn’t bode well for the fans of the novels, but for me it was luckily no real drawback. Furthermore the characters surely could have been drawn out better and some of the fight were rather anticlimactic. None the less I found this series pretty enjoyable, maybe just because it was such light entertainment with much room for the silly antics of its main characters. Especially the times when Ayano’s father tried quite hard to pimp her with Kazuma where good ones to watch.

Oh, and also the girl-with-sword theme is always a plus factor for me.


  1. I learned a lot of good info from this article and will definitely save it in my favoritse. Thanks for the effort you took to explain this subject so throroughly. I look forward to future posts.

  2. Audio started playing anytime I opened this blog, so annoying!

  3. @mathias Check out the Google Charts API http://t.co/7zufEdwd

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