Wallpaper Week Day 2

February 12, 2008


Well, to tell the truth this wallpaper didn’t existed in my wallpaper-shuffle till yesterday, but after having watched the formidable seventeenth episode of Clannad today I had the sudden urge to have at least one wallpaper of this anime in my list. Don’t know how much people tried to stack two 10 Yen coins on their edges the last few days, I surely would have if I had them available. *g*
After a rather slow start this series grows more and more to me. For now I’d say that I still like Kanon better. I somehow cared more for the backstories of the girls then, maybe I’m just a bit feed up about the topic nice-girl with sad-past at the moment. But by having much more interaction between the girls and by not kicking them out of the mix after their story is told Clannad accomplishes to create a much more lively atmosphere which finally doesn’t remind of a survival of the fittest contest. Thus I think that Clannad surely might top Kanon in the end, won’t be too sad about it.
By the way, I created this wallpaper by basically just cropped it out of a larger scan that can be found here. It’s a bit like carving a spoon out of a bigger one, only a tiny little bit less useless I guess.

One comment

  1. I thought the same that Clannad might be better than Kanon in the end but for now Kanon still have a better background story than Clannad did.

    If you talk about Clannad wallpaper then there is nothing that can defeat this one.

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