Wallpaper Week Day 1

February 11, 2008

As of lately I’m obviously rather sleazy about this blog of mine. Reasons are manifold, beside the usual real life influence and my general laziness there are various TV series and some computer games which absorb most the spare time I’ve left at the moment. Most prominent series would be Battlestar Galactica which I’ve stalled for a too long time as I’ve realized now and for the computer games Team Fortress 2 and my rediscovery of the joys of Master of Orion 2 and Princess Maker 2 should be blamed the most. To cut this short, I’m watching a lot less anime as I’m used to these days and I have even less to blog about them. All I can think of momentary is that Shigofumi and Spice & Wolf are still interesting, ARIA is still beautiful, Okawari still isn’t as funny as the first season, True Tears is still a good harem show, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is still hilarious, Il Teatrino still doesn’t reach it’s precursor while being entertaining for itself and H2O still kind of sucks. None of this could provide a even half-decent basis for a post and the news of the release of an Utawarerumono translation patch didn’t raise my hope for much available anime- and blogging-time in the near future. Thus and because I wanted to show some sign of life again after some time I’ve decided to post this week seven of the latest additions to my wallpaper-list. This should be quite easy for me and I’ll try to put up some text for each wallpaper, but don’t expect too much. At least you’ll have some eye candy and I’ll have an eased mind again.

And because writing that above already took me long enough I’ll start with a wallpaper to which everything necessary is already said so many times.


The world of ARIA IS just beautiful after all and so is this wallpaper.


  1. LOL, buddy, I know how hard ur daily life is when you became gamer and anime fan at the same time.

  2. Oh, it’s not that hard, but also having to work surely is. *g* Hmmm…, maybe I could drop the sleeping…

  3. LOL, forgot about working as well and i barely sleep 5 hours a day 😦

  4. Whats up! I just wish to give a huge thumbs up for the great information
    you may have here on this post. I might be coming again to your blog for more

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