January 3, 2008

Say 'Cheesy'!

Okay, I was mistaken in my last post about Minami-ke. In fact, they have invented the wheel (comedy series wise) anew here. This was one of the finest anime comedies I’ve seen in years and I’m more than sad that it’s already over. Not in the this-show-was-great-but-now-finished way of sadness but in the there-is-so-much-more-potential-to-explore way. Those 13 episodes were truly a bliss to witness, however with so much characters being introduced and so much different relations between them being created they could have easily filled at least 13 episodes more without running out of steam I’m sure. Well, hopefully Minami-ke: Okawari can in some way follow in this version’s footsteps. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it.


  1. Must get my hands on that last episode. I wonder if the 13-episode run is part of a recent trend of cautious investment in anime, producing more shorter series?

  2. Most of the anime series last a quarter (12-13 episodes) or a half year (25-26 episodes). Might be that there is a trend to quarter year series at the moment, but I’m not sure. Haven’t thought about it much till now.

  3. Totally agree with u there, it was a great journey watching those 3 sisters and their friends. There definitely is a lot of potential and open ends which I wish they explored a bit more. Not sure whether Okawari is suppose to be a continuation or not. My impression is that its an alternate version? though I had a look at a preview of it, the animation looks quite similar :S

  4. Minami-ke really was a wonderful surprise. I love how they work in such short and wacky visual gags, like the whole teruterubozu bit with Chiaki, and then they ran with it, when her friends come over and start worshiping her, and she actually starts to control the rain! I was rolling around laughing.

    Between Minami-ke and Zetsubou Sensei this has been a great season for comedy.

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