sola – 15

December 31, 2007

I'm more than sorry about that

Tomorrow will today already be yesterday.

With telling the two days prior the first episode the second DVD episode isn’t in any way spectacular or thrilling but by focusing on the everyday life of the characters once again able to remind me why I love this series so much. Literally each and every person of this cast is likeable and interesting to watch, even and especially in such daily activities. Except for the Aono of the first few episodes (before I knew better) there wasn’t a time while watching this series when I thought something like “Come on, back to the really interesting characters now!”. Each character development was interesting, each characteristic enjoyable, each interaction absorbing and there was never any kind of filler-like feeling. I’m sure this is one of the main things which makes animes like sola and ef – a tale of memories so great and leaves others like Myself; Yourself rather mediocre. I think with the cast of sola they could have served me any kind story and I would have gladly watched it with the sad feeling of having to wait for another long week for the next episode without even having finished the actual episode at that point.


With showing the events prior the first episode in this last episode and ending with the same song and the same scenes with whom the first episode started they managed to create a fine feeling of conclusion while also awaking the wish to rewatch the whole series once again. I will definitely do so as soon as I can free some (anime-)time. Sola is one of the – if not the – best anime I’ve seen 2007 and I’m more than sad that it is finally finished now while I’m more than glad that it leaves these kind of feeling within me. A truely great series which has now come to

The End

Goodbye and thanks for the memories!

And, as a side note, with the news of the sola manga to be published in North America this summer I have some hope that the manga will find it’s way to Europe one day.

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