Halftime for Mokke

December 2, 2007


With its simple character design and rather unspectacular unfolding of each episodes story of loosely connected events in the daily life of the two supernatural-sensitive Hibara sisters Mokke surely isn’t one of the top-dogs in this slice-of-life filled season. None the less I find this series quite enjoyable because I like the way how the two sisters live a normal life despite their special abilities. The supernatural is a rather “natural” thing here and is influencing as well as is being influenced by the daily life of each living being in a subtle way. Through their ability the two sisters can amplify this influence but must always be aware that whatever they do might backfire in some way. How they learn to live with the supernatural is nicely pictured in the series and because their encounter the “daily supernatural” most of the time the consequences are on a rather low level like it is with so many normal abilities that each person acquires over their time of life.
Of course this series only works if one found some liking in the two main characters. If this works this series can be quite charming and relaxing through its laid-back tone. And while the character design might be simple (but not unappealing) the shown landscapes are drawn nicely and create a beautiful atmosphere.

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