sola – 14

October 21, 2007

Personated innocent

Splish splash

With the main aspect of this episode being to show how good the girls (and the boys maybe too) of sola look in swimsuits it was clear that none of the still open questions would be answered. And even with the combination of so little screentime for Matsuri and Aono it was a very enjoyable episode none the less because it gave the otherwise neglected side characters time to shine. Sae’s talking about how many “flags” Yorito will be able to turn today (while him being rather calm) and Chisato’s reaction to Koyori and Mayuko easily gave me some good laughs. And seeing Mayuko so often without control of the situation was funny, too.

Don't hurt me please!

I also liked that Koyori’s behavior to call her sister Mana-san was questioned again without giving an answer, maybe it’s just a habid after all. With being called mean for only “forcing” Koyori to address her this way, Mana luckily didn’t reacted with her usual patented loli-chop this time. Could’ve become pretty ugly for her otherwise.
The meeting between Koyori and Mayuko makes me a bit sad that they never actually met in the original series, because they seem to have quite some things in common (both being more matured than their outsides indicates for example) and more interaction between those two could’ve been interesting.

Please marry me!

And, of course, I liked that they accomplished to show each girl in her swimsuit (or two), although they couldn’t share the same place at that point in the timeline. Okay, the reason for Matsuri to not be able to accomplish Yorito from the start was a bit constructed, it wasn’t any problem for Mayuko after all, but that are just minor details I think and aren’t really important for such an episode. And the last scene was just hilarious.

Aono doesn't know yet that she'll soon learn the real meaning of embarrassment.

Well, one episode left.

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  1. Where can I find this episode ? I am Frenchwoman and I search, but I do not find it …

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