Clannad & Myself; Yourself

October 7, 2007



I’m already set for Clannad just because it is made by KyoAni. Might not be the best reason, but it’s sufficient for me and so far the animation quality is as good as expected. The first episode introduced Tomoya, the male protagonist, who isn’t sarcastic for a change but seems to be rather uninterested in to annoyed by his daily life routine. Even so he behaves normal on the outside and soon gets in contact with a bunch of girls from his school, who with no doubt each should have a more or less mysterious problem to come by. The obligatory male side-kick loser rounds the character set up. So while the main plot should be nothing spectacularly new the individually backstories of the characters might be quite interesting, although similarities with Kanon are to be expected.

Myself; Yourself

Myself, Yourself

Myself; Yourself seems to be standard harem drama so far with a 16-year old boy, Sana, coming back to town after a five year long detour. He left with a tearful goodbye at that time (which was nearly sickly sweet). Now meeting his old friends again he gets to know how they, uh, developed from that time and everybody is happy about their reunion. Everybody, except one of his female friends, who he doesn’t recognize at first and promptly gets smacked by…
As been said, so far pretty generic, but the intro is quite interesting and if the animation quality keeps on the level of the first episode this could turn out to be solid entertainment. Aoi’s voice could be some octaves deeper though, but it’s nice to notice that I’m not too old yet to hear such high frequencies (although sometimes that might be blessing as it seems).


  1. Clannad, sad girl in spring, lol the first ep is great enough to attract everyone into it. Kanon, sad girl in winter, what should i put it into a word? Watching Kanon can make u forget the time passed by, all i can say it is a “masterpiece”, a series that must be watch. Now it is time for me to watch Air, sad girl in summer, still have no clue about it yet but i can have hight expectations from it.

    Myself, Yourself, no idea about this one yet, already dl it but havent watch it yet.

  2. Kanon and Air sure are nice series to watch. While Kanon is more, um, comprehensible Air has the superior plot through mainly focusing on one of the girls (which of course pushes the other ones even more into the background).

  3. Love This !

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