Shakugan no Shana – The Movie

October 5, 2007

First of all I’ll have to say that I was a little bit disappointed that the movie didn’t feature some new story. It’s merely a slightly modified version of the first arc of the first season.

Ah, shut up, shut up, shut up!

Well, beside of this it was surely a blast. The artwork and the animation is of superb quality and the story is very well wrapped up in the limited timeframe. I’m quite sure that some minor things of the shown scenes got changed compared to the original, but the main plot is definitely the same. Of course through the focusing on the main plot some of the characters are pushed to the background (Kazumi) or are missing altogether (Eita and Keisaku). On the other hand Wilhelmina could be sneaked in and Yukari Hirai got pretty much screentime, which I found most pleasing because I think she is very important to get an appropriate feeling about the torches right from the beginning (and besides, I like her).
So, in the end, I could have been happier if some new stuff (plot-wise) would have been put into the movie, but none the less it’s a very good film and a nice way to “get in the mood” for the second season.

End of explanation.

One comment

  1. hI to all !!!
    They said that Shakugan no Shana was nice so I try to watch it…
    All that I can say is that this anime was not just nice,, it’s very very very nice !!!

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