End of the season

September 27, 2007

And to start this end, here is a nice wallpaper I found a short while ago and immediately made the newest member of my background list:


More stuff after the break.

So the end of another anime season draws near and while I have no clue at all what I’ll be watching the next season (with one exception) I think I’ll can at least state which series I happened to finish this season. So far that would be Kaze no Stigma (solid entertainment in the end, especially liked how Ayano’s father always tried to get her laid with Kazuma midterms), Claymore (could have used more backstory and less power-ups), Tokimeki Memorial – Only Love (a rather good harem comedy, but still a harem comedy) and Lucky Star (quite nice). Soon to be finished are Zero No Tsukaima II (not bad but also not really good), Nagasarete Airantou (some character development for the girls beside Suzu wouldn’t have hurt, also too many animals), Darker Than Black (stylish but sadly lacking of enough main plot), Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann (awesome, even though I rather dislike mechas and don’t even understand how somebody can even understand that other think of Drills to be such cool things) and School Days (about which I might write something more in the near future). Other series are being also watched, but are far from completion yet.

Might there be a sequel or is this one of the last things Kazuma saw...

In other news I’m playing some GBA games which I already completed some time ago again now (maybe I’m getting to old for new games *sigh*) Notable are Advance Wars 1 and 2, which I like to describe as Battle Isle meets Anime, mainly to show which old games I know and played at the time they were released (Defender of the Crown or Zak McKracken anyone?). Haven’t played the third part yet, but I’m sure the fourth one gonna be a blast. After all, it will be Neon Genesis Evangelion style!
Weeell, anyway, if you like strategy, but wish for more fantasy and like your units to have more personality try one of the Fire Emblem games instead. Don’t know how often I already finished the seventh one (the first one that was official translated), but it was and still is always so much fun. Its descendants and its direct precursor (which is actually its sequel, rather confusing, I know. A very good translation hack for it can be found here) are also fun, but have much too less Lyn in them.

Lyn is da woman

And because I saved the best for the end I’d now like to grasp the opportunity to brag about my very own DVD set of “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, completely subbed and dubbed in my native language. I received it today and it looks like this:

Das Mädchen, das durch die Zeit sprang

The sparkling thing on the upper right is the “limited edition” sticker that was attached onto the foil. Unpacked the set looks like this:

Das Mädchen, das durch die Zeit sprang - Front

And its backside looks like this:

Das Mädchen, das durch die Zeit sprang - Back

As you already might have guessed, I’m more than happy that some of our local publisher know good stuff when they see it. As bonus there is a 20 page strong booklet with some background information about the author and the original story included, together with a second DVD with the same movie on it, only this time with audio commentary of the director and the three main voice actors. Haven’t listened to this yet, but soon will. The quality of the package and the video is flawless as far as I can see (which isn’t very far, granted) and the dub is of course not as good as the original, but as good as it can be. Altogether I’m absolutely pleased with my purchase and even now full of joy.

What a nice way to start a new season.


  1. hmm, i’ve play Fire Emblem too. its my favourite GBA’s games. but i haven’t finish it yet….

  2. Kaze no Stigma: i have only watched the first 8 eps so far, i cant say that i really like it that much but i will marathon it later and we will see how i feel for it, any recommend for it?

    Claymore: it was a really great anime but too bad it diverged from the manga and the ending of the anime in first season wasn’t really that great for the series.

    Tokimeki Memorial – Only Love: not a super great or an average one but it is rather better than a decent to me. It was a really peaceful anime to watch and enjoyable at anytime.

    Zero no Tsukaima: I have give it a try but i dont feel i like it.

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: I have no idea about it but I heard a lot of ppl say it was a good one.

    Darker than Black: another interesting series, but havent watch it yet.

    Lucky Star: It seem that i like it but it doesnt seem i have time for it.

    Nagasarete Airantō: No idea about this one, any recommend?

    School Days: I cant watch the whole series because it is too much pain for me to Katsura in pain every week but i did watch first 4 eps and read the blog for the whole series and watch the last ep and yeah it was a super great ending for the series.

    What the other series r u watching? StrikerS, 1 – Romeo x Juliet, Heroic Age…..?

  3. Hmmm…, all the series are good enough for me to finish them. So they are all recommended by me. Maybe this helps a bit: Kaze no Stigma has magic and tsundere, Nagasarete Airantou is a harem comedy about a boy stranded on a island full of girls.
    Other animes I watch more or less regulary at the moment are: Bokurano, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2, Dennou Coil, Doujin Work, Hayate no Gotoku, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Nodame Cantabile, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

    • very nice post….detailed…quality….interested in buying this blog…please email me admin!

  4. Like Siva, I’ve only watched a few episodes of Kaze no Stigma, but I ended up opting not to watch it due to the fact that the two main cast members are related, and also share some form of romance.

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time however… amazing film. Joined my favorites Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and most other Ghibli movies lol.

    Fire Emblem…. the one with Eliwood was awesome, Hector is my favorite Fire Emblem character ever heh. I love his relationships and personality… he’s just perfect!

    @Siva: Zero no Tsukaima has a lot of ecchi in it, but it’s very, very worth it! Great series, with some great romance scenes, and magic.

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