One year older, one year wiser

August 27, 2007

So finally it’s one year ago that I pushed the “Publish”-button for the first post, thus official starting this anime blog of mine. Beside of much grammar, the right spelling on many Engrish English words and how to save pictures in the world wide web and embed them in my posts I learned that blogging isn’t by far as easy as it looks. If you would shuffle through the posts I made this whole year (please don’t!) you could see that I changed my style of writing more than once and that my posts got shorter and shorter (and fewer) with the time. It’s already quite hard for me to find something interesting to say about the things I want to talk about in my own language, but doing so in English is even more time-consuming, sometimes even more work than fun, and there was surely more than one moment at which I thought about quitting this blog. Well, I didn’t and still don’t intend to do so, but I would lie if I’d say that I’m as enthusiastic and willing to spend time on this as I was in the beginning. So I’ll do what every good blogger should do: Just do what I want to do. After all, blogging should be fun and not something someone feels to have to do. So, after having found the right amount of words to blog about things, I’ll drop the last kind of constraint I cast onto myself in the beginning phase of my blog: Regularity.

Yes, somehow I managed to post at least twice a week all this time, often it was easy to do, but sometimes I had almost nothing to say and wasn’t really happy with the results in the end. The main feature which made me hold up this regularity was the weekly post of one wallpaper of mine, consequently from now on this will be a goner (besides, you’ve now already seen the best of my wallpapers, so there is no real lose I can ensure you). This doesn’t mean there won’t be any wallpapers anymore, after all those posts are easy to make and offer nice eye-candy, but there will be fewer of those in the future. Altogether there will be fewer posts for the time being I guess, especially because I don’t have any series I feel like blogging about at the moment, but no one really knows what the future will bring. There will still 2 more episodes of sola to blog about, the last Mai-Otome Zwei episode should be subbed by Static-Subs soon (I’m a loyalist after all) and Murder Princess isn’t finish to far either. And the fall season is starting soon, too…

Well, thanks for reading and hopefully enjoying my blog so far, especially to all those who left a comment or two and showed me that not all of those clicks where poor souls misguided onto this side by the search engines (Yoake mae yori rurii na – Crescent Love 05 got a lot of these because of three magical words). And a real big thanks to all those fansubbers out there, doing such a great job for so little (= mostly none) money!

I wish you all a happy new (blogging) year!


  1. Thanks to you, for all your blogging this year! I never commented, but truly liked many of posts.) It’s a pity that you’ll be blogging less, but still i’m gonna be one of Afterrglow’s regular visitors. Happy new year!

  2. pretty good blogging here

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