August 19, 2007


Welcome to ARIA, where the summer is sunny and everybody will help you building a snowman in the winter, where Venice was rebuild on an aquatic mars and the earth is called “old-home”, where all the gondoliers are pretty girls and the animals look kind of strange, where the phone book ends after the A and the companies (some say even the whole city) are lead by cats, where the course of time sometimes changes its direction and you get two years for the prize of one and where grown girls playing the “don’t touch the gap”-game and many things aren’t allowed, especially embarrassing remarks.

A beautiful slice-of-life anime with a very comforting laid-back and peaceful atmosphere which left me always with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I could never watch more than three episodes in a row, but it was always nice for in between.

One comment

  1. Thank you for the review. I’m highly interested in this anime. I mean, look how hard they tried to make those three girls differentiate from each other. :]

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