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August 17, 2007

Kiddy Grade

While Kiddy Grade is surely not one of the best animes around I found it to be quite enjoyable for a fanservice-filled show. The characters offer much more than just their looks and the story is pretty interesting… at least as long as I could follow it. To tell the truth, they lost me after two-third of the series and I believe everybody who has watched the series knows at which point I mean. The rest was confusing at best, but I think I got the main idea somehow… hopefully. Well, none the less a nice experience altogether, whereat the space theme and the nice ED surely contributed their part.

And if you haven’t heard about it yet, a sequel got announced last year. Looks like it will be at least as confusing as the first season, but I’ll give it a try.

Wallpaper source: AnimeWallpapers.com

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