Murder Princess – 05

August 6, 2007

What is the matter with your eyes?! Why can't I see myself in your eyes?

Surprisingly the two robo-lolis were rather… bearable now that Dr. Knievel is gone. Of course, now on the “good” site they’ve become quite useless, but that was to be expected. Milano must be one of the most forgiving persons I’ve seen so far, after all almost everybody she knew and loved was slaughtered by those two, a very bloody coup d’état for such a peaceful-to-be scientist if you ask me. By the way, I find it a bit controversial to use “You were only following orders” as an excuse for their past crimes. Okay, they are robots, so the argument is somehow fitting, but still it has some bitter taste to it.
Alita’s companions on the other hand are pretty powerful in their “true” form, although I can’t help but wonder why most fantasy animes must be based on the ruins of a high-tech civilisation. At least it explains the technologic stuff that didn’t seem to fit so far (motorcycles, photos etc.) I guess. The most impressive character is still Milano, she must have very much courage in her to do the things she did at the end of the episode.

Now I’m curious if they’ll show some decent motivation in the last episode for Cecilia to bring so much dead and chaos about the world except for bringing so much dead and chaos about the world.

But I guess they won’t.


  1. it was a enjoyable OVA and the story it seem to be all r unfold so the next and last ep will be an action one. i wish they wouldnt screw up and i am looking forward to see will the both of them able to exchange their body back or the both of them wish to not.

  2. No screwing up would be really nice. *g*

  3. cool

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