Tokimeki Memorial Catch Up

July 25, 2007

Missed the bus

With only a few series that I watch this season and no particular interest (and inspiration) to blog about any of them regularly so far I have finally some time left to spend on those series that I always wanted to start or lost track of somewhere in-between. Well, first series I was able to catch up is Tokimeki Memorial (up to episode 21 now). The last few episodes finally succeeded in delivering some (harem-comedy level) drama and were quite compiling. Watching them in a row also helped to hold the tension up I guess. But of course one of the major flaws of harem shows strikes again: the indecisive male lead, here personalized through Riku Aoba. By not making some clear statements and without the ability to decline any girl proposal even once Riku puts his three love interests through quite some harsh times. Fortunately their suffering is rather well portrayed this time which gives all of them much more depth in character and shows the consequences of such a weak minded male lead. And his “solution” of the problem was laughable at best from my point of view. But leaving this aside (nothing else was to be expected after all) I can say that Tokimeki luckily became a rather interesting and enjoyable anime again.


  1. i have been stop at ep 18 and i want to watch the rest all in a row. “I can say that Tokimeki luckily became a rather interesting and enjoyable anime again.” i am really agree with u.

  2. Understandable. Hopefully the last three (?) episodes will be subbed soon.

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